10 Best 4k Screen Recorder Software for PC

Screen recording proves to be quite useful when you are recording a tutorial video for any educational content or gaming session. However, screen recording has been a tough challenge.

We had to use complex tools or paid software but they were not always helpful. Fortunately, with the passage of time, we have several software that has made a screen recording a cakewalk. Now you can create a video of screen recording with simple and effective tools implying least efforts.

This article is going to help people unable to find the best method for 4k screen recording.

Camtasia (Windows, Mac)

It is one of the popular 4k screen recording software with a large number

of editing tools making the software highly user-friendly. You can create an online backup of your recorded videos and you can easily resize the capture area of recording.

It is freeware and the best thing is it still does not have any limitations of recorded video length.

It allows you to record multi-windows and enable endless customization. In addition, be sure if you are going for the upgraded version, as it is quite expensive.

Screencastify (Chrome)

This is also a great software for 4k screen recording and it works via Google Chrome browser. Does not matter if you are a frequent or pro-user it has amazing functions to offer.

With this, you can capture either your webcam, whole screen, or just a tab of your PC. You can use tools like highlighting, mouse spotlight, and others. This is freeware for 4k screen recording. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can create great software demos and other similar videos.


OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is free and one of the best screen recording software. You can use it for both screen recording and high definition video streaming without any length limit. It has many features to offer and you can stream your gaming sessions with it in full-screen mode.

It is best suited for advanced users and it can record videos with a frame rate up to 60 FPS. The software supports multiple file formats. You can edit videos using different filter effects and enjoy this high performing software.


Bandicam is great 4k screen recording software that offers seamless gameplay capturing. It helps you stream high definition videos at 120 frames per second.    You can capture the screenshot in JPEG, PNG, or BMP file format. You can record videos from devices like PlayStation, Xbox, HDTV, APPLE TV, and IPTV with a separate capture card. The free version of the software will show you a watermark and if you want to remove it, you have to be a paid user.

With Bandicam, you can enjoy the screen recording at a good speed and good compression rates.


Filmora Scrn

It allows you to capture the screen recording of your webcam, computer screen, gameplay, and audio consecutively. You can record videos with this screen recording software at 15-20 frames per second (FPS).

It enables you to edit the size, shape, and color of your mouse pointer. It is an all-in-one 4k screen recording software with editing tools to refine your video. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

With this, you can import 50 different file formats and export your recordings in vigorous file formats based on your requirement.


Another best 4k screen recording software is Snagit that allows you to capture your screen. It has built-in advanced editing options that you can utilize to make your video more beautiful and impactful.

You can use any file format to export your video. You can also record what’s going on in your Google hangout or Skype in high definition. The software is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows-based PCs. You can also implement special effects on your video.


One more software suitable for 4k screen recording is ShadowPlay. It allows you to stream your videos over the Twitch platform. In order to access, ShadowPlay you need to have GTX 600 on your system.

There are two modes of recording to choose from i.e. “Manual” and “Shadow” mode, where the former one is for limitless screen recording and the latter is to record video for 20 seconds deleting the older one automatically. You can record gameplay at 60 FPS.


An action is an awesome software for 4k screen recording designed for Windows. It allows you to capture screen recording in high definition and show the status of Frames per second simultaneously during the recording of gameplay. You can cut the background of video while recording.

It provides you a variety of high resolutions like 2k, 3k, 4k up to 8k. it also has slow-motion effects to make the recording of gameplay more interesting.


ReadyGo for screen recording is known for its promising quality and awesome performance. You can set up the recording time in ReadyGo and can shut the system after the recording.

You can enjoy awesome features with free trial. You can capture image, capture video and can also capture audio un high quality.



Last but not the least, Dxtory is also suitable to record screen videos in 4k. Designed especially for Windows, it provides the ability to record multiple audio sources at a time.

You can also edit those later on if you want. The high-quality screenshots captured with Dxtory are saved in different file formats like AVI. You can record videos in high definition with up to 120 frames per second (FPS).


Here comes the end of this list entitling the best software for recording 4k screen on your system. Remember, the system with low configuration cannot record videos in 4k. Hope that any one of the software mentioned will help you for your needs.

Do you use any screen recording software that we have missed? Let us know by dropping a comment. Also, tell us how -much you liked this article.

We hope that you like the article and its contents. Thanks for your time in reading this article.

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