10 Best Free Android Backup Software for PC [April 2021]

It’s always considered to be good to store the backup of your files stored in Android smartphones. You never know when things can go against you and you surely don’t want to lose any of your important data when your device stops working immediately.

But fortunately, there are numerous ways to secure your data by having a backup of your files and all apps of Android. Now here comes the dilemma, since there is a lot of android backup software for PC from which you can choose one.

Here is the list that has been prepared after testing all of the mentioned backup software and on the basis of popularity and recommendations.

Best Free Android Backup Software for PC 2


Dr.Fone – Phone backup

dr.fone is one of the best android backup software that works in order to help you get your images and videos that you might have deleted by mistake. IT allows you to recover data deleted from your Android and iOS devices. You can transfer all of your WhatsApp chats and transmit data between your mobile and computer. It can support up to 8000 android devices and available both for Windows on PC or MacBook.

  • You can use it to backup and restore all types of data.
  • It is 100% safe to use. The data on your device will not be altered or damaged in any way.
  • You can selectively backup and restore data.
  • It is very fast. Regardless of how much data you have on your device, the whole process will take no more than just a few minutes.

iOS and Android Manager

Syncios is an awesome android backup software that is highly compatible with both iOS 14 and Android version 10. It allows you to import all the data including music, pictures, videos, or other files to your mobile.

It provides a great toolkit for audio and video converter or ringtone creator. You can store the backup to restore contacts, call logs, music, video, Message, apps, photos, etc. It supports Windows 7, 8, and 10. It also displays info about the battery status no matter the device is rooted or not.

  • It is completely free to use.
  • It comes with a nice layout and a great interface.
  • It displays vital information about your device.


Veryandroid is basically backup software for SMS, i.e. it’s an SMS backup and management software. You can use it to copy and store the SMS messages to your device and also to your android smartphone. This android backup software is free to use and is a great tool of you are looking to store a full backup of your android phone. It is an effective backup tool for SMS if you have so many messages to store.

  • It is free to download and use.
  • The SMS messages on your device can be saved as CSV or txt files making it easy to restore them.
  • You can use the program to send and receive text messages on your desktop.

Best Free Android Backup Software for PC



It is a great software to back up your files, share them and protect your data. The best features include transmission of data among platforms i.e. data can be shared from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Windows-based phone. It can also keep the back up of your mails and messages. It enables you to manage your Android phone easily. You can also share data among devices with this efficient android backup software for PC. It doesn’t allow you to restore the files.

  • It comes with great features that help you manage your Android device very easily.
  • It can be used to transfer data between devices.
  • It creates a safe backup file that is easily accessible on the program’s server.
  • It can also be used to recover data from your Android device.



It is one of the efficient software to keep android backup as you can use it to have the backup of your android device. It allows you to take backup of several file types from Android phone. You can backup data from messages, photos, call logs, apps, contacts and files. It provides you a secured and speedy data restore. You can also transfer data between devices. It also allow you to recover data from the Android device.

  • It can be used to backup and restore all types of data.
  • You can use it to transfer all types of data between devices.


SyncDroid is a breathtaking android backup software that you can use for PC to get backup of messages, call logs, contacts, videos, photos and even bookmarks of browser. It is free and effective backup software for PC. The restoration process of the software is foolproof even for the beginners. It shows the available free space on your Android smartphone and SD card. It also has an audio as well as video converter. It doesn’t work with windows or file explorer of Windows-based PC.

  • Free Android Backup and Restore Tool
  • Wi-Fi & USB Connection are All Supported
  • Free Android Video, Audio, Photos Transfer
  • SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Bookmark Management
  • Supports almost all Android devices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Google, etc.



Recovery Android is efficacious backup software that allows you to back up your Android’s data just with a click. It allows you to restore the files along with the preview of backup files and it also let you choose the one you want to recover. You can transfer data among smartphones with Recovery Android. You can also save data from your Android device to Windows or Mac OS device.


MobileGoAndroid Backup

MobileGo backup software is a powerful tool to get a deeper access of your phone. With this software you can have access to all your mobile management requirements with the free trial too. It allows you make backups of large number of files at once. It is quite easy to use and understand. You can add music and videos to your device very easily. It provides you easy backup simply with a click.




MOBILedit allows you to save the backup of your mobile phone automatically even when you are browsing those files on its interface. It backup files including contacts, videos, photos, documents, call records, etc. You can send quicker messages with this android backup software from your system to the Android device. You can also sort, archive or read messages on a hard drive.


TunesGo – Backup iOS and Migrate to Android

TunesGo is all-in-one backup software that allows you to manage, transfer your photos, messages and contacts. You can transfer photos in between iPad, iPhone, iPod, and PC. You are allowed to view, add, and delete pictures without iTunes.


It allows you to export iPhone contacts to your PC or merge duplicate contacts. The Windows version alone supports the transfer of SMS and contact. It doesn’t lead to any data loss.

Hence, these were 10 best android backup software for PC. Now you don’t need to ask for what others are using, and you can pick one as per your understanding developed after reading this article.

The best software will not only allow you to make a backup of your files before you lose them and would allow you to restore the deleted files. If you think we have missed any prominent software to mention, don’t hesitate and tell us so that we know what we have missed. So what are you waiting for, download one and enjoy having the backup of your important files.

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