10 Best Books To Learn Front-End Web Development In 30 Days

Are you dreaming of becoming the front-end web developer? If yes, are you reading the best books to learn front end development?

Reading books to learn front-end web development books is equally important to taking IT courses.

I’m sure you already know that front-end web developers or web designers are the highest-paid individuals in the IT sector. And the demand for the job is also high compare to other IT jobs.

For those who don’t know about front end development. Let me give you a little general idea. Front end development of web designing prime focus on Ul/UX that mainly deals with website designing, styling, and layout.

If you want to be a front end developer, you must have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You can learn a lot from YouTube channels, but reading books from the expert authors will also speed up your learning process.

We have listed for you 10 best books to learn front end development.

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1. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Website

This book is one of the most popular books in the arena of web designing. If you’re looking for a book that gives you the hands-on from scratch this book is for you.

This book covers not only the basic but with this book, you can start as a beginner and scale up to an expert level.

The book starts with HTML and CSS and covers another advanced level coding. Anybody from any walk of life will understand this book. The author has written the book in a readable and understandable format, keeping in mind the beginner and expert level designers.

He gives you the definition, code, and output of each topic in a way that everybody can understand it.

2. Eloquent JavaScript


Eloquent JavaScript is one of the best books to learn front end development that beautifully explains the fundamentals of JavaScript.

This book gives you a comprehensive understanding of the variables, functions, structures, and data structures. The book takes you through a simple front end development to advance level. In the advanced level you’ll learn object-oriented programming and regular expressions.

The best part about this book is it covers the new concept of JavaScript 2017 like iterators, black scope, template strings, etc.

3. JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

JavaScript and JQuery give you an in-depth functionality of HTML and CSS code. What makes this book the best book to learn front-end development? The author “Jon Duckett” itself.

He is an expert in the field of web designing. Using all his expertise, he wrote this book from scratch. He presented the book in a well-organized manner, making the book simple and clear.

This book gives you practical examples of how to use JavaScript in real-world applications. Some important topic the book cover is DOM manipulation, JQuery, etc.

4. Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics


Do you want a book that gives you practical examples, exercise, and experimentation with the code? I am sure you do! Get a hand on this book. One of the best books to learn about front-end development.

There is a ton of information in this 600 pages book. This book covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even web graphics.

Though the title of the books says beginner but most of the beginners, find it hard to grasp the idea as they keep turning the page. So, even an export will find the book helpful.

5. Front-End Development: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide


Front end development is a complete package when it comes to front end development. It gives you all the basic and advanced ideas about front end development.

The book contains 478 pages that detail every single information about modern HTML, CSS, how to structure a website and design your masterpiece website.

It also gives you access to basic JQuery, Ajax, and Bootstrap library, a common resource for web developers.

This book will give you a perfect start to your front end developer journey.

6. CSS Secrets


CSS Secrets is one of the best books to learn front-end development because it is written by a member of the W3C group Lea Verou.

If you don’t know about the group, let me introduce it to you. W3C is an organization that takes charge of any change in the programming language. Especially CSS language.

Keep in mind this book is not for beginners. You won’t learn how to style button and simple layouts, instead you’ll be learning more advanced techniques on how to build odd and obscure features with CSS.

It gives hands-on examples of how to style unique typography, background, and custom CSS shapes.

7. JavaScript: The Good Part

I’m sure you already know that JavaScript is the scripting language for the web. So, what can be a better book to learn front-end development?

JavaScript is the mother of programming and all developer needs to understand and learn proper coding standards.

This book gives you a whole new idea of design patterns, variables, and functions. It also teaches you how to structure code for a better read.

8. SASS and Compass in Action


Gone are the day of old CSS and HTML codes. In today’s advancing world everything is advancing at its highest point. And for those who are web developers also need to upgrade their skills.

With the use of SASS you can write CSS code in a modern way. Today, mostly all developers use SASS as a primary coding language. And you should, too.

These 240 pages of SASS give you full mastery level to the SASS library. It gives you tons of exercises to master SAAS and also cover compass.

9. Secrets of JavaScript Ninja


JavaScript is a dynamic tool that can help you add outstanding effects to the website. This book is one of the best books to learn front-end development with JavaScript.

Secrets of JavaScript Ninja gives you a complete introduction to JavaScript coding, how to use JavaScript and other advanced concepts like OOP, closures, and ES6/ES7 standards.

The book is written by an expert who is the creator of JQuery.

10. HTML5: The Missing Manual


HTML5 is one of the latest versions of the HTML programming language. This book has 518 pages that cover all the newest features in HTML.

It doesn’t matter your experience level, both beginner and expert can use this book to learn and keep it as a reference book.

Don’t worry, this book doesn’t teach you something new. HTML coding is the same as it was. The only thing is this book gives you some new features to put into action.


These are the 10 best books to learn front-end web development for beginner and expert too. Each book covers some specific ideas and concepts of web development. The more you read books, the better you understand the programming language.

It’s your call now. Which book most meet your demand? Grab it and start horning your web development skill.

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