10 Best Fake Iphone And Android Text Messages Generator Apps 2021-22

Are you someone who loves to prank friends? Do you love to take the pranks to another level? Staying home from so long might be getting a big monotonous, tedious, and watching out the same shows and series might be relaxing but world-weariness will surely come back.

If you are a fun loving creature, you might be looking to make your day full of excitement and fun. If you are out of pranks or jokes, this article will help you get the joy back. You will find different fake text messages generator apps that can kick the monotony out of your day. It will surely help you get some childish enjoyment when you send some fake prank texts to your friends. Let us take a look.

TextingStory Chat Story Maker (iPhone)

It is a fun kind of app allowing you produce some fake conversations, which you can even share with your friends and family. It enables you design the fake chat screens. The screens look so real that it is easy to prank anyone. You can capture snapshots of the chats and with share screen feature; you can send it anyone you want. You can also generate fake profiles and fake stories with this fake text generator app.

FakeChat Maker (Android, iOS)

You can feign any text conversation on your smartphone with this fake messages generator app. The interface looks so realistic that no one can identify it as a fake chat app. The difference here from the messenger is that you can change the both characters of sender and receiver to type the messages. It allows you capture screen videos. It offers you feature to change the color along with background of chat.


Fake Chat Conversations (Android) –

You can identify the purpose of this app from its name that says it is a fake text messages generator app. With this, you can send fake messages to yourself. It has all the features that other similar can offer. You can send MMS and SMS messages with this app. You can also send sham voice messages to yourself or calls too. App is also compatible to emojis and even allows adjusting your chat list and producing as many fake chats you want.


Yazzy (Fake Conversation) (Android)

It is one of the great fake messages generator apps which is making it easy to prank others. You can create jokes with this app to make your friends and family fall into the trap. The conversation screen is made with high efforts to allow you personalize it, as you want. Change the backgrounds, avatar, status, and anything you want to customize the profile as you like. So why are you waiting, download now and create fake conversation with your favorite celebrities and prank others.


Fake Text Messages (Android)

With this amazing fake messaging app, you can send and receive fake chats with anyone you want to. It is a fake chat generator that enable you create feign chats with whoever you want. The liberty of choosing themes make the screen looks realistic. It is easy to create funny SMS messages and share your fake conversation screenshot with anyone you want. Start creating simulated conversation and prank others to make yourself laugh.


Fake Text – Fake message app (iPhone)

This app allow you to mock your friends or family by playing pranks on them. You can generate fake conversations with any fake name you want and personalize the screen of chat. It also supports the feature of a personalized status bar and a navigation bar. If you want to make fun to relieve your boredom, this app is a suitable fit for the same.


Fakenger (Android)

Fake Chat Messages You can play fake with your family, friends or loved ones by creating fake chats and jokes. It allows you to design fake chat screens. It enables you to design the app screens and you can take screenshots of the chat list screen and chat to prove it true in front of others. It supports deceptive multimedia, videos and messages too. You get an simulated reply feature in the app to befool others. So use this app now and prank others with your fake text messages.


Fake Message Free (Android)

This fake text messaging app can be very handy to prank others by sending or receiving messages. It allows you to create a whole fake conversation as you like. You can create messages and chats as per your choice. It is easy to personalize the app as you want and you can design everything to be personalized for you. Take screen shots of the fake chat share with friends and family to make fun of them and have your amusement.


Whats Fake (Android)

With this fake messaging app, it has become quite easy for anyone to prank others by generating fake chat messages between two people. You can be the sender and receiver of the messages and with this liberty, you can create an entire fake chat room. You are even allowed to create the fake profiles for the fake conversations. The app support fake status and emojis too. Send videos, images and other multimedia over this app, and mock others.


Fake Text Messages by Quantum Apps Solution (Android)

It has become easy to trick others and make fun of them with this kind of fake conversation generator app. You are authoritative of using multiple themes to personalize the app experience. Create fake conversation with anyone you wish to; be it a celebrity or you crush. It is perfectly suitable for creating funny conversations to make them look super realistic. It serves you an opportunity to show your creativity by generating fake conversations and make everyone laugh.


Thus, these are some apps, which one can use to make everyone laugh. These apps will allow you to prank others and will kick boredom out of your life. So use these app and be a real entertainer among all of your fellow friends and family.

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