10 Best Floor Plan Software For 2bhk And 3bhk Flat 2021-22

A floor plan can be understood as a basic blueprint of what your dream home or office space is going to look like once finished. Floor plans have always been helpful at making the proper use of space available for construction of any place. Getting a professionally designed floor plan, you can define walls, ceilings, rooms, and furniture setting in your house, shop, showroom, or office. Floor Plan is made before the construction process to assure accuracy.

There is now need to buy floor plan and manuals, check out these best programs for your home planning and designing.  There are innumerable floor plan software that one can use without spending any penny that can be a great option when minimizing costs is an important for many businesses and individuals. There are many different types of floor plan software out there, Some of the best floor plan software that you can use in 2021 are:

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EdrawMax is a brilliant floor plan designer, easy to use, and offers quick launch templates to create perfect layout within minutes. You can even share or print your created designs with just a few taps on your smartphone screen. It is a great floor plan software you can start with.

  • Easy-to-use for new users and experts
  • Enough of quick-launch templates
  • Built-in ruler to make sure of correct measurements and dimensions
  • Support Windows, macOS, Linux, and even online use.


SketchUp is famous floor plan software known for its perceptive ease of use. You can say, it’s 3D design tool that help draw floor plans to help envisage how an area can look from different perspectives. You can import reference images and documents to the software to paint a broad picture of any space. Furthermore, it can combine light interpreting to help display a more photo-cum-real feel. SketchUp is a great software for floor planning that comes with a 3D object repository that helps develop floor plans and 3D models easily.


Smartdraw offers a web floor plan designer tool that is easy to use, share, and collaborate. The chart and diagram templates can be used to create visuals for companies that are simple to visualize. Anybody can use this floor plan creator with the internet connection integrated with structural design symbols and file-sharing utility. It is a feasible option as a floor plan designer. Creating floor plans is fairly simple and quick. It is seamless for floor plans and storing them as png, svg, or pdf file format.

Auto CAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is a tool in the AutoCAD set built to support architects convert practical objects into their floor plans. With this, they can create more realistic floor plans that can be transformed in 3D to identify the three-dimensional structure of any physical space. The tool has a set of features like documentation and explanation functionality. It also offers a far-reaching object that allows creating realistic conversions. There are different styles offered and palettes available, and it supports the import of Revit grids to help in demonstrating.

Sweet Home 3D

Sweet home is one of the least expensive floor plan software that one can use for their purpose either by downloading or through web. One can develop realistic floor plans with this software. However, the software is not so popular among individuals or professionals due to its restricted functionality, whereas you can still draw 2D floor plans with it. You can also manage the lighting of a space to produce photorealistic images of the designed floor plan.


 Floorplanner is a great 2D and 3D floor plans generator. It offers drag and drop interface, combined with a sizeable library of furniture images allowing to build a floor plan swiftly. The ‘auto-furnish’ feature can populate a floor plan with entitled rooms automatically. The tool can offer 360-degree visual inspection, and photorealistic concentrate of the space. It’s easy to use. The single-click equipping feature and walkthrough generation of the space turn this in a whimsical tool that professionals can also use for proletarians and professionals similarly. 

Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D is a floor plan designing software supporting iOS, iPad, macOS, and Windows to make the most out of the operating system you own to exploit the upgraded native platform. This amazing Live Home 3D software formulates it easy for anybody to create comprehensive floorplans and along with furnishing room or entire house from an easily controllable iPhone or computer. It is quite fun designing floorplans with Live Home 3D and is less of an assignment than more stern task. 


RoomSketcher is floor-planning software that allows you design your space as you like and gives you an idea what can suitably fit in a space. You can drag and resize the items defined in a sketch of the room to decide what to place where. You can produce 2D and 3D sketches or get a floor plan designed by an expert in just a business day. There is free and premium both versions available. You can start using this software as you want or need.


Roomle is a set of software that offer different 3D designs along with creating floor plans. You can create 2D and 3D floor plans of high quality. The software is quite popular among the real estate agents, interior designers, and architects as it offers a great productivity. The software is supported on both mobile device and desktop. You can also create floor plans online without downloading. The software is absolutely perfect to use.


It is one of its kind floor planning software that serve as a 4k graphic designing tool in 2D and 3D. It gives a photoreal transformation to your space. With this software, you can consider each single space you want to customize. You can customize everything from walls, curtains, to furniture. The software is so easy to use and is a pool of features.

These were awesome software that one can try to create a floor plan of the space you want to construct. Try one, and share your feedback with us.

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