10 Best PC Performance Booster Software

Optimizing PC helps to improve the life of your system and prevent it from malicious software, virus, bugs, etc. from affecting the performance and data. PC booster software helps to optimize your PC thereby improving the speed of your device and increasing the productivity of your business.

Boosting is essential for every PC to delete unwanted or duplicate files, images, video, and audio. Below is a list that is prepared by picking up the best and features rich PC booster software. This list has all the efficient software both for free and paid versions.


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Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic comes as great PC booster software that provides support to the personalized report explaining the problems and also presents the list including recommended fixes. It helps to improve the PC boot time, download speed, drivers, RAM, etc.

it can find and then fix up to 30000 issues. It can also remove more than 50 junk files and gives you free space. It also optimizes the internet settings available as hidden to provide fast loading speed.



Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare software is quite an efficient optimizer for your PC which provides deep cleaning of your system. It identifies and fixes all problems in Windows like disk errors, security issues, etc.

to prevent the PC from crashing. It enables you to protect your web browser and mails. It helps you secure the system from any malicious software or viruses. The free version of the software is available to download and the paid version is for $19.99 as a single license.


Advanced System Optimizer

It is a powerful PC booster and cleanup software available for Windows version XP, Vista 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It even clears your hard drive and makes your PC function faster. You can have an interruption-free gaming experience.

It provides more responsive gaming controls. It also minimizes the chances of a system crash. It protects your device from any kind of malicious software and provides security to your sensitive data.


PC TuneUp Maestro

TuneUp Maestro is clever software that helps you make your PC work better. It is easy to use tool with advanced system maintenance tools. It can help you fix, optimize, and clean your PC to get high productivity.

It speeds up the Windows by restricting apps with low importance. It also provides continuous updates. The registry and disk defragmentation ensure that system is more compact and takes lesser disk space & few memory resources.



Ashampoo is an easy-to-use PC booster software and cleaner. It enables you to perform analysis on the hard disk and the other installed hardware. The dashboard proffers you a variety of features. The software uses an instant junk file cleaning algorithm to clean up the system. Ashampoo, provide you an improvised extension manager in a web browser. It also presents detailed analysis logs of the issues. It also shows early warning if your system is about to experience failure.


Microsoft Total PC Cleaner

It is yet the best PC cleaner and booster that can efficiently clean or optimize any PC. It removes any kind of Cache or other big files effortlessly. The software scans the system to identify and list the issues and remove the junk files to speed up your PC.

Only with few clicks, you can remove your selected files from system cache, office cache, downloads, and others. It is a software with all functions that you may require. It is created for Windows version 10 and higher.


Norton Utilities Premium

Norton is a PC optimizer that speeds up the performance of your system and repairs all the common PC issues. It is available for the systems with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. You can erase all the files downloaded from the browser to maintain your digital privacy.

It serves automatic optimization of your machine’s memory, processing power as well as a hard drive. The software cleans up the space of your hard drive to serve you faster access. The easy to use interface provides single click optimization.

Razer Cortex

One of the best PC booster software, Razer Cortex is quite popular among gamers. It is a freeware gaming performance-boosting software. It shuts down all the apps or software that are not necessary while gaming.

It also frees up the invaluable space on memory or RAM. The system settings are restored back to the square one once you are done playing. The Windows version supported are Windows 7,8, and 10.



CleanMyPC is a freeware PC cleaner ready to download. The subscription provides you a license for one year or you can buy a one-time purchase subscription. It scans the whole computer system to clean up the junk files, speed up the system, and boost productivity.

It will help you to be free from the hibernation file. It provides you multiple Uninstallers to remove apps with their leftovers. It helps you to access add-ons easily and turn them off that are not required. It will make your PC new.


Wise Care 365

Wise Care is a PC booster and system maintenance software that cleans up the files that are unable to use. It boosts up the speed and performance of your computer system. It will allow you to clean the internet search history and all other imprints available on your device thereby protecting your privacy. You can schedule the automatic disk cleaning. The software also gets updated automatically.


All of the software mentioned here are our top recommended software for PC optimization or cleaning. Some of them are quite helpful in enhancing gaming experience while others help you to clean and speed up your PC effectively.

The choice of the best of them depends on the condition if you want one for an amazing gaming experience or to have good productivity. Let us know in the comment section what your top 3 picks are that fascinated you the most when used. You can also leave your feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

Hope this article helps you find what you come here looking for.

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