8 Best Websites To Download Free Animations #2022

All social media today is full of animated videos and gifs. They are very untrusting to watch too. But yet there are people who are confused as what is the difference between GIFs and videos. Both are quite similar except for their length. Today in this article I will tell you the difference between GIFs and videos and will also recommend some websites from where you can download the best animation videos for free.

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What is the difference between GIF and Video?

Essentially, animated GIFs and videos are equivalent concepts, but they differ in implementation.

GIF began as a traditional image, and therefore the animation was tacked on later. An animated GIF may be a series of frames and is not very efficient with file size. Also, no sound.

A video, on the opposite hand, can use an outsized sort of format. Some video formats show only the pixels that have changed from frame to border. Other video formats track the movement of pixel groups (like a ball moving from the highest of the screen to the bottom) and display the results of how the groups moved and altered.


8 Best Websites to download free animation


1) Videezy.com

Videezy is a free stock video website with a good sort of clips in HD and 4K resolution. Plus, this site is famous for aerial drone footage.

Again, the standard is mixed but there are many professional clips.

All of the site’s clips are delivered in MP4 format and you’ll check the resolution below each video.

While not all of Videezy’s videos are free, there’s an outsized selection of free stock video clips designated for private and commercial use. It’s also easy to inform the difference, because the premium clips have a green “Pro” append their thumbnails.


2) Videvo.com

Video provides free stock video footage and motion graphics created by their community.

Their library is large and includes many HD stock videos and a little collection of 4K clips.

The quality of free stock video clips on Videvo varies: Some are highly professional et al. have clearly been shot without a tripod. Some clips are delivered as MP4s et al. in QuickTime format.

As with many free stock video and photo websites, tons of thumbnails are literally adverts from other websites that charge for his or her stock footage, like Shutterstock.

But there’s still plenty to of free stock videos to settle on from.


3) Pixabay.com

Pixabay has quite 1.5 million royalty-free stock videos and photos shared by its generous community of creators.

The best part? There’s no risk of unknowingly breaking copyright by not checking or understanding your chosen clip’s licensing. this is often because all of their free stock videos are released under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). this suggests that you simply don’t need permission to use or modify the clips, or maybe credit the creator.

However, it’s still good practice – and good karma – to offer the creator a shoutout whenever possible.

Pixabay’s huge selection of free stock videos is formatted as MP4s and is generally under a moment long .you’ll also download clips within the resolution of your choice. Plus, the library includes motion graphics, HD footage, and 4K videos.

There are free stock videos for each imaginable occasion or need – from nature and space to people at events or business settings.


4) Mixkit.com

Mixkit may be a free gallery of extraordinary stock video clips, astounding stock music tracks, and memorable video templates. They carefully curate clips, tunes, and templates from a number of the world’s most talented creators with all content available for free of charge.

Their free library is growing fast, so you’ll always find the right high-quality item to download and use in your project. Confirm your join the Mixkit Crew to urge exclusive access to HD videos every week!

Mixkit is delivered to you by Envato, the corporate behind a number of the world’s leading marketplaces for creative assets and artistic people.


5) Pexels.com

Pexels launched as a free stock photo site, but it’s since added an outsized library of free stock videos.

The free stock video footage collection is under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0). So you’ll use and edit the videos for private or commercial purposes free of charge, and without crediting the author.

Most of the videos are under a moment longer and that they have an outsized selection of clips altogether kinds of niches.

The time-lapse videos are particularly good, and there are many great clips from GoPro-users!

Plus, Pexels even have many “mockup” stock videos. Many of those clips include mobile devices featuring a green screen like within the image below. These allow you to exchange the green screen employing a technique called chroma keying.


6) Coverr.co

Coverr was a side project that we inbuilt order to supply entrepreneurs like us with Free beautiful looking videos, for the products they were building. As filmmakers themselves, they loved shooting footage in our spare time and provides it to the planet. Since then, Veed.me was acquired by Fiverr which is where we roll lately. Within the meantime, we continue to grow Cover as our side project.


7) Storyblocks.com

What started as selling DVDs of footage on eBay grew to a digital catalog then launched as a web subscription service called Videoblocks, where a reasonable subscription gave you access to a vast library of footage.

The response was staggering, proving that creatives were ready for a change. The footage available grew, fueled by a partnership with independent videographers across the world. When he was asked about the next steps, Joel had an easy suggestion: “Why don’t we ask our members what they need?” From there, stock audio and pictures were added, getting member input to assist choose pricing, logos, and more. Now, you’ll find a stock video, audio, and pictures under one name as Storyblocks.


8) Pixteller.com

Easy-to-Use Design & Animation tool where anyone can use it to make Images, GIFs & Videos for private or business use, with no technical or design knowledge.” PixTeller may be a tool that simplifies the planning process from start to finish, so it is often employed by any marketer from the digital industry, any blogger, or website owner, also like anyone who needs designs for private or business use.

Replace anything from photos and shapes to text and colors using its design editor and obtain inspired from an excellent sort of public designs and templates that you simply can use to make new personalized designs just in seconds.

At PixTeller, we all know a far better way you’ll make your own Images, Graphics & Videos, and its faster, easier, and not-at-all complicated.

Choose from many free design templates, professionally crafted, easy to use, and customize with the assistance of our photo editor and animation tool.

Join their witty, resourceful, and funky community of quite 100.000 individuals. Design with their Photo & Animation Maker Tool, growing their businesses stronger than before.


Hope that my content was able to clear to explain to you the difference between GIFs and video. Adding animated videos or creative images makes the content even more engaging and interesting. And the sites that I have posted above should be your go-to if you want to add any free images or videos. These are some of the best sites that I have filtered out for you all. Hope you all find it useful.

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