9 Best Entry Levels IT Jobs – No Experience Required

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Digital marketing plays an increasingly important role in today’s companies, and every year more budgets are allocated to this sector. If you want to work in the Digital Marketing sector, you must know a series of characteristics, requirements, and skills that you must have to awaken new needs in customers. Also, these digital marketing companies like to hire fresher. There are many options for fresher in this field.

There are many job offers in the digital marketing sector, but with an increasingly exquisite consumer, companies are looking for people who are inserted to learn the latest technology.

Below are few entry levels IT jobs for freshers:

Digital Marketing Manager / Digital Marketing Coordinator

It is the position that has been consolidated among the best, with most demanded and best paid. His abilities are to match offline media with online ones. Detect movement flows on the Internet, merges branding with content making it understandable and accepted by the user is what gives the candidate more points. They can reach dollar 100 thousand, although the range ranges from 60,000 to 80,000 in most cases. Also, fresher can approach for this post if they have good knowledge.

Digital Strategist

His mission is to make sense of the data collected through different online measurement tools and to formulate strategic recommendations. Its functions include developing optimization proposals for online sites integrated into multiple channels and platforms. Extensive knowledge of marketing and business strategy is required. Digital strategists must possess qualities to discover which technologies and trends have a primary place in the lives of online consumers. Similarly, you must possess skills in the SEO and SEM disciplines of Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing Manager

Constantly follow your niche to detect flows or trends so you can apply them to your content strategy. Content Marketing Manager is responsible to deal with all the content management for the project.  If you are fresher and have good writing skills then he can apply for this position.  His responsibilities include the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. He is also responsible for creating, editing, posting, updating, and occasionally cleaning up of the outdated content. The salary ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 dollars.

Data Analyst

Aims to make sense of the data collected from a company’s Big Data integration projects. It also transforms data into useful and relevant information. Advanced technical knowledge of Artificial Intelligence tools is required. Data Analyst is a professional profile that thanks to the interpretation of the data can establish strategies within a company. Therefore, you must know how to collect data while analyzing it statistically. The company requires a profile that finds patterns in them to carry out some actions or others. data analyst is responsible for:

  • Extract, process and group data
  • Analyze those data pools
  • Generate reports


Digital Analyst

Digital Analyst’s main function is to measure, analyze the effects of any action carried out in digital media, and propose improvements based on data, transforming the information of a company into value. A good Analyst must have advanced knowledge of statistics, scorecards, metrics, KPIs and different calculation tools (Microsoft Excel) and analysis, especially Google Analytics (IQ) as well as notions of programming, web architecture, usability, SEO , RRSS, and digital marketing in general.


Digital Project Manager / Web Project Manager

Project managers usually keep projects on the correct track; cooperate with the internal team and customer. Digital Project Manager is responsible for handing complete digital marketing project. He must have good skill and knowledge of digital marketing. A fresher can also apply for the Digital Project Manager Job. As a fresher one can get good salary if apply for Digital Project Manager.

Social Media Manager

It is a position for large companies. The Social Media Manager is in charge of creating the digital marketing plan for a brand or product, for this he must be very clear about the objectives of the company and make an analysis of the competition. Among its functions is to constantly do an in-depth analysis of the results in order to alter the marketing plan when necessary. Another of their missions is to outline the reputation crises online by creating a strategy for this.


Web Editor

He is the professional who designs, creates, maintains and feeds the website and / or blog of a brand or product. Your knowledge must go beyond creativity and aesthetics so that the created website is easy to interact with and navigable. This means that you must have sufficient technical knowledge for the proper functioning of the page and creativity to leave the website attractive without excesses or visual contamination. This professional is essential for a good marketing strategy.


CMS Manager

Content managers or administrators or CMS (Content Management System) are online applications that allow you to manage all the content on a website.  With these tools it is possible to create web pages, write and edit articles, show photos or upload multimedia files, among other possibilities. CMS also allow multiple applications to be incorporated into a site for functions as diverse as: writing a blog, creating surveys, maintaining discussion forums, carrying out collaborative work, or even serving virtual stores. CMS Manager is responsible to manage all the functionality of CMS. Freshers can apply for this position.



A Digital Marketing professional has to carry out a series of tasks in his day, among which stand out: SEO, SEM, email marketing, social networks, blogging and content marketing, as well as web analytics and reporting.

All of these tasks require different types of skills and, although a good professional should be able to do everything perfectly, the best Digital Marketing professionals typically specialize in a particular area.

Any career that includes one or more skills can help you get a job in Online Marketing. For example, those with a career in journalism or philology could be good Inbound Marketing professionals, while those with training in Web Design or Programming could excel in SEO and SEM.

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