best sublime packages for python

best sublime packages for python
Sublime Text Sublime Text is a commonly-used text editor used to write Python code. Sublime Text’s slick user interface along with its numerous extensions for syntax highlighting, source file finding and analyzing code metrics make the editor more accessible to new programmers than…

react js mobile apps

reactjs mobile apps
The evolution of React Native technology is quite fascinating. What started of as Facebook’s internal Hackathon project in 2013 is now one of the trending frameworks for Android and iOS app development. In March 2015, Facebook, in its F8 conference…

What is React js ?

React is a front-end library developed by Facebook. It is used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. ReactJS allows us to create reusable UI components. It is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and…

visual studio code zip download

visual studio code zip download
Visual Studio Code or VSC for short is one of the most popular source code editor used by the programmers. It’s fast, it’s lightweight and it’s powerful too! Microsoft designed VSC as a cross-platform code editor for writing web and…

how to make complex shapes by css

Today we are going to do something different: dig deep into one single CSS property. And that property is going to be the “clip” property. I’m pretty sure some of you don’t even know there is a CSS property called clip since it’s probably…

detect Firefox browser by css

Any CSS at-rule that starts with @-moz- is a Gecko-engine-specific rule, not a standard rule. That is, it is a Mozilla-specific extension. The url-prefix rule applies the contained style rules to any page whose URL starts with it. When used…
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