Best C# Books for Beginners and Experts [June 2020]

Are you new to coding and trying to learn C# from basics? Or are you already an expert in C+ and C++? And you want to learn another programming language?

In either scenario, you are searching for the best basic or core books to learn C#. Well, you have come to the right place to get a list of best C# books for beginners and experts.

If you are a beginner, I am going to walk you through a few basics of C#. If you are an expert programmer, you can skip the basics and go to the list of best c# books.

Let’s take a tour of the basics of C#…

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What is C#?

Since you have come to this page, you already know that C# is a programming language. C# is pronounced “C-sharp” as in musical notation. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg in Microsoft as a part of .NET.

C# is one of the languages among others written for common language infrastructure. Expert programmers already know the paradigm (programming language classification) under which C# comes. It is a multi-paradigm language covering structured, strong typing, imperative, object-oriented, generic, and event-driven disciplines.


Where is C# used?

  • C# is used to run programs and develop cool games.
  • It is also used to develop desktop applications and web services.
  • Microsoft uses it to develop different applications on a large scale.


Why C# is popular?

  • C# is modern and very easy to implement. Though it is not easy to learn, it supports the new software development programs.
  • C# is an open source by the .NET Foundation under Microsoft and is also very fast compared to many other programming languages.
  • This programming language can cross platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It is a very safe language since conversions do not cause data loss.
  • There is a plethora of applications that can be done by using C# and hence it is very versatile, unlike other programming languages.
  • C# keeps evolving by introducing newer updates for better usage.


Best C# Books For Beginners


The C# Player’s Guide, by RB Whitaker

As the title suggests, the book is practically a guide to learn C# from basics. The author encompasses the basic programming principles from object-oriented programming to a few advanced topics like asynchronous programming. The author has explained everything simply and clearly. The examples given in the book are with good illustrative examples and do not distract the reader from the subject. There are summaries for each chapter that helps you to skip through content as per your need.

C# Yellow Book, by Rob Miles

The best part about the book is that it walks a newcomer to the basics with humor. Apart from coding, the author also explains the good programming practices. The author guides the reader to think like a programmer and teaches how to handle errors and manage clients. The author takes into account the knowledge of the reader in every section. Overall it is a good book for C# beginners.

Head First C#, by Jennifer Greene & Andrew Stellman

The Head First guides are known for their unique style and humor. Every page is filled with diagrams and annotations as if somebody has scribbled notes with a pen. But it also makes dry topics more fresh and interesting. It is a very good book for beginners to learn C#.


And now time for the list of C# books for Experts:

Murach’s C# 2015, by Anne Boehm & Joel Murach

The authors have gone in detail about the fundamentals of C# and object-oriented programming. The authors have also included database programming in the book. The book has lots of information and explanation along with alternatives for methods. Experts can use it as a training reference guide for C#.

C# 7.0 in a Nutshell, by Joseph Albahari& Ben Albahari

This book has new features and applications of C#. The authors have explained the frameworks of programming language, the .NET CLR, and the concepts of C# development. Overall it is a comprehensive book on C# language targettedon both intermediate to advanced learners. This book can also be used by programmers as a reference guide.

C# in Depth, by Jon Skeet

This book goes by its title and gives an in-depth knowledge of C#. It explains the evolution of C# from version to version. It is a good book for expert programmers. Beginners must have knowledge of C# to understand this book.

Effective C#, by Bill Wagner

This book helps the programmers to improve their coding. The author teaches different planning strategies to write effective code.

More Effective C#, by Bill Wagner

It is a second part of the “Effective C#” by Bill Wagner. It provides new techniques based on the updated versions of C#. the author provides genuine advice on lambda expressions, composable interfaces, and LINQ queries. The programmers can use this book to improve their coding skills by accepting the suggestions given in the book.

Hence you have got a list of best C# books for both beginners and experts that you can use to learn and implement C#. There are still more books available to learn C#. Happy Coding!

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