Best Human Resources Management Books for Beginners And Professionals

Employees are assets of any business. And human resources management (HRM) is an employee management system. It recruits, hires, deploys, and manages employees.

Whether you are new to HRM or a professional HR, there is always something new to learn about it. Human nature and trends change generation after generation. And so, HR should keep on be updated about the current scenarios.

We are providing a list of best HRM books for beginners and professionals. Let us first look at the books for beginners.

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Best HRM books for beginners-


1 Strategic Human Resource Management

Authors: Gary Rees, Paul E Smith

This book is a research-focused text written by Linda Holbeche, Stephen Taylor, and Jim Stewart. It has case studies and various examples from an international perspective. These case studies include cases from different big industries such as Volkswagen, Microsoft, and Rolls-Royce. There are also two chapters on the topic Culture and Globalization as a reflection of the contemporary workplace.


2 Human Resource Development: A Concise Introduction

Authors: Ronan Carbery, Christine Cross

This book deals with the basics of HR development. Also, it covers strategies in HRD, talent management, leadership, enterprises, and others. The authors have blended both theories and practice smoothly in this book.

The book has a special skill development section. It helps to develop your presentation skills, persuasion, and time management. It also has a chapter on graduate employability. This chapter describes how graduates should get themselves prepared further. Besides, there are several case studies to learn more in real-time.


3 HR Resume Secrets

Author: Alan Collins

Finished your degree and searching for a job? No matter how hard you try, you don’t get a response to your resume? Well, this book is for you. It will guide you to prepare a perfectly persuasive resume. And you may land the job you desire.

In this book, you will find 6 rules to write a killer resume. Also, it has tiny resumes “boosters” and ways to improve Linkedin Profile. There is a lot more to learn from this book. It will help you to shine in your HR career.


4 Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies

Authors: Jared J. Llorens, Donald E. Klingner, John Nal

This book discusses the common processes and critical issues in public sector personnel. The HRM concepts discussed in this book include effective recruitment and retention, strategic workforce planning, workforce development, and employee relations.

This book also explains how the HR field has evolved in years. Hence this book covers recent national recessions. Besides, state and local level economic downturns are also discussed. On the other hand, privatization and contracting trends at the government level are also explained.

Other topics include the increasing presence of employees at the workplace, issues regarding social media in the workplace. This book gives great detail of evolution in HRM.


5 Dyslexia in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide

Authors: Diana Bartlett, Sylvia Moody, Katherine Kindersley

This book helps employed dyslexic people to improve their skills at the workplace. It also guides HR and employers to deal with and help those people.

The authors have discussed how dyslexic people can overcome obstacles to success. They have guided them to enhance workplace efficiency. This book ensures that dyslexic employees achieve their full potential.


Best books for HRM professionals-


1 HR from the Outside In

Authors: Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank, Mike Ulrich

This is one of the top business books for HRM. It has various survey data, examples, and stories, and mainly insights for HR leaders. This book guides HR managers to join HR initiatives and corporate strategies to develop new competencies. These include capability builder, strategic positioner, technology component, change champion, HR innovator and integrator, and credible activist.

According to the authors, these six competencies will shape the future of HRM. This book is especially for HR professionals who want to learn and implement new ideas for better company.


2 Friend & Foe

Authors: Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer

The authors have used original research work to enlighten how both cooperating and competing improve the workplace. They have described how environmental factors can turn a friend into foe, and vice versa.

The authors discuss how employers can build trust and cooperation among the employees. They have also discussed how workplace bias, power, trust, motivation, negotiation, and other factors affect the company. The authors have guided the HR managers to understand and balance human interactions in the workplace.


3 Good to Great

Author: James C. Collins

This book should be on the must-read list of all HR managers. It discusses the basic characteristics that could move any company from good to great. These characteristics include Level 5 Leadership, disciplined thinking, hiring the right people, hedgehog concept.

The other characteristics are freedom and entrepreneurship. The authors also explain how sensible technological innovation is important for a company’s development. Philip Morris, Gillette, Pitney Bowes, Krogerhe, and Wells Fargo are some examples of such great companies given in this book.


4 People Skills: How To Assert Yourself, Listen To Others, And Resolve Conflicts

Author: Robert Bolton

One of the oldest books in HR, published in 1979, it still captivates readers. This one is called the bible of communication skills.  The author trains the people in interpersonal interactions and meaningful conversations.

The book has good examples, techniques, and scenarios to explain different concepts. However, these concepts include conflict resolution, effective listening, and assertiveness to increase verbal and nonverbal communications.


5 Love’emOrLose’em: Getting Good People To Stay?

Author: Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

This book is a must-buy for HR professionals. This deals with employee engagement, retention, and its impact on company growth. the authors have discussed different strategies to keep employees happy.



Well, all these are the best HRM books for beginners and professionals. However, you can choose among them as per your need.

All these books will help you to become the best HR recruit. It will also help you to make a happy and growing environment in your company.

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