10 Best Pro Computer Programmers In The World By Country [ June 2020]

Are you a person with a passion for coding? While coding, you must have thought if there are people called the world’s best programmers? Are there people who are born to be programmers? Ideas can be converted to reality through Computer programming. Encoded by binary numbers on a screen, programming is for sure no cakewalk. But despite difficulties, we as humans have achieved whatnot. We have been enhancing our skills for ages. Being the best in everything we do is our forte. So why leave programming alone?

Here is the list of 10 of the world’s best programmers. They all are champions in the race of programming. They are an inspiration for all programming freaks out there.

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1.  Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie

As a programmer, you must know him as the father of the C programming language. He is one of the heroes whom you have admired since the beginning of your programming career. He has the credit for the development of the UNIX operating system with Ken Thompson. An American native, he was awarded the Turing award in 1983 by ACM. He received the Hamming medal in 1990 by IEEE. President Clinton in 1999 gave him the National medal of technology. Finally, he served as the head of the Lucent Technologies System Software Research Department till 2007 before retiring.

2.  Bjarne Stroustrup

A Danish resident, Bjarne Stroustrup, is one of the renowned computer scientists when we talk about the world’s best programmers. The development of C++ language is his major contribution to the world. He is the chair in the computer science department at the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and is also a guest faculty at Columbia University. At present, he is employed at Morgan Stanley. He is a perfect fit for those who are looking for some multitasking inspiration.

3.  James Arthur Gosling

Don’t you identify him as the father of Java programming language? A Canadian computer scientist, James Arthur Goslinhe, is a definite choice while talking about the world’s best programmers. Software systems like NeWS are his contribution to the digital era. Gosling Emacs is the software system named after his major contribution to it. He is a wonderful man with a forte in programming. Elected as a foreign associate member of the United States National Academy of Engineering, Gosling is a true laureate programmer.

4.  Linus Benedict Torvalds

The credits for the development of the Linux kernel goes to him.A Finish American computer scientist, he was the chief architect of Linux kernel. Revision control system gitis one of his great discoveries. Creation of diving log software Subsurface is another addition to his list of achievements. 2012 Millennium Technology prize added a feather to his cap along with Shinya Yamanaka. This award was given to him by Technology academy Finland for the creation of the Linux Kernel as an open-source operating system for computers. Currently, he works as the project coordinator.

5.  Andres Hejlsberg

He is famous as the author of Turbo Pascal. Danish by origin, he received applause for his creation of popular C# programming language. He was the chief architect of Delphi. He is the co-creator of many programming languages and software along with the few world’s best programmers. Many development tools created by him are commercially successful. At present, he is the lead architect of C# and employed at Microsoft. He is working as the core developer at Typescript.

6. Tim Berners Lee

Who knows him not as Sir TimBL? He is one of the scientists we have learned about computer science classes. Best known for his development of the World Wide Web, he is one of the world’s best programmers. British by origin, a proposal for an information management system in 1989 brought by him. He implemented communication between hypertext transfer protocol client and server for the first time via the internet. At present, he is the director of world wide web consortium (w3c) where he looks after the overall development of the web in continuation.

7.  Ken Thompson

He is famous as ken in amongst the hackers. An American computer scientist, he devoted most of his life working in Bell labs. He co-designed the UNIX operating system along with Dennis Ritchie. Designing of B programming as a predecessor of C programming language was his contribution. He received credit for the development of Plan 9 operating systems. He isa co-inventor of a google programming language at Google.

8.  Brian Kernighan

A Canadian computer pioneer, he worked in Bell Labs and contributed to the development of Unix. His contributions are true inspiration if you plan to be one of the world’s best programmers. He worked with Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. He has co-authored programming languages like AWK and AMPL and his first-ever book on C programming with Dennis Ritchie.

9.  Guido von Rossum

Talking about the world’s best programmers and missing out on Van Rossum is not possible. A Dutch programming pioneer, he is the creator of Python programming language. He worked at Google from 2005 to 2012 for the development of Python programming language. Later in 2013, he joined Dropbox. He is known as the Benevolent Dictator of Life in the Python community because he looks after the working and development process of Python.

10.  Donald Knuth

Donald Ervin Knuth is a true prodigy when it comes to the world’s best programmers. If you are an algorithm fanatic, he is not a stranger to you. Knuth is the father of algorithms. He is an American computer scientist and a mathematic fanatic as well. The multiple volumes of the “Art of computer programming” are his contribution. He created the TeX computer typesetting system, and the computer modern family of typefaces, and the METAFONT font definition language.


It does not matter what and how much you have contributed. Your contribution to society, however little, matters as much as that of the world’s best programmers. These miraculous personalities are as human as we are. Just believe in your abilities and your name will be on this list in the future. Go ahead and develop your computing language, on the path to becoming one of the world’s best programmers.


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