best website to learn web design and web development

web designing is a mixture of programming and art that’s used as a way to represent our ideas in front of others. To help you out, in this tutorial, I’ll tell you about the best online web design courses that will help you to start learning new skills. With these free and paid courses, you’ll learn how to create websites from the scratch and share your ideas with others in no time. Go ahead, give it a try and share your learning experiences with us.

It has been more than 5 years when I designed my first website. I remember my struggle and spending a good amount of time to learn basic programming languages and applying it in random projects. Over the years, I’ve seen the horizon of web designing expanding and developing to become a massive industry. Putting in another way, web designing has become a hot topic in recent times.

While people are getting acquainted with new technologies and learning web design in a faster manner, others are using online tools to create a simple website without coding knowledge. While I come across many web design software in the market that allow you to simply drag-and-drop and rearrange the elements to make a website, the old-fashioned web design process still rules the web.

If you are new to the world of coding, I can understand your frustration as it is very difficult to create and maintain a website without coding knowledge. In this article, I’ll tell you the most popular web design online courses to help you kick start your career as a good web designer or a developer.


W3Schools (Free)

best website to learn web design and web development

W3Schools is a website where you can learn all about programming and web development. You’ll be able to learn the three core technologies of the web, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition to that, you’ll learn Sass, Bootstrap, and React. There are also hundreds of exercises covering various topics to test your comprehension of the language you chose.







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