bootstrap tabs in slide view

Tabs were introduced in the chapter Bootstrap Navigation Elements. By combining a few data attributes, you can easily create a tabbed interface. With this plug-in you can transition through panes of local content in tabs or pills, even via drop-down menus.


You can enable tabs in the following two ways −

  • Via data attributes − you need to add data-toggle = “tab” or data-toggle = “pill” to the anchors.

    Adding the nav and nav-tabs classes to the tab ul will apply the Bootstrap tab styling, while adding the nav and nav-pills classes will apply pill styling.


when we use bootstrap tabs inside owl slider then the active class applies all the li elements then tabs not working properly so I got a solution for this. I use jquery custom code.  a made an onClick function, on this function a removed all active class. by this solution tabs working fine in the slider.

Example of tabs in slide view


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