Difference Between Java And C++ Which Is Better 2020


Java is an Object-Oriented platform-independent programming Language that is used for developing various applications including mobile applications and web applications. Java is a general-purpose programming language that is asynchronous, class-based, object-oriented language. It is specifically designed for the implementation of dependants as possible.


C++ will Support both procedural programming and Object-oriented programming languages. C++ is platform dependent so always, C++ program execution depends upon the platform which is their supports C++ Program execution.


This C++ is called as imperative, object-oriented, generic programming language providing facilities for low-level memory manipulation. The C++ program once compiled on one operating system cannot run on the different operating systems.


Key differences between java and C++



Moreover, both the programming language consists of a large variety of SDKs, libraries and framework and many other programming tools which provides good programming capabilities with the fast performance of the developmental process of there applications.

C++ only supports compiler but java supports both the compiler as well as the interpreter. C++ is used for system programming whereas java is completely application programming widely used in mobile apps, Web designers and Windows-based.

C++ is compatible with C source code with some exceptional classes, but java does not support any backward compatibility and runs on any previous language C/C++. C++ is faster and does not require an interpreter. But java is not as much faster they need to be interpreted first and then compiled so it takes time. As java uses its JVM so automatically its codes are optimized. Java is not closer to hardware, but C++ is a low-level language closer to hardware.



Code of syntax in C++  has goto statement, multiple inheritances, pointers, operator overloading and it also supports threading. But whereas in java it supports the only pointer internally. C++ supports both calls by value and call by reference statement, but in java, it only supports the call by value.

Java has its built-in Thread support. Java uses a single inheritance class whereas C++ uses an inheritance tree. Java will not support the Structures and unions wherein  C++ will not support the Documentation comment but Java will Support the documentation comment.

C++ has support to its scope resolution operator but whereas java does not support operators. Runtime Errors in the program are automatically detected by the system but in C++, the programmer needs to check all the errors.



Based on the variety of programming it is found in most of there applications such as the set-top boxes, automotive and many others. C++ is also used in many of there applications such as mobile apps, Web browsers, databases, embedded systems, and much other software as well. On the other hand, java is used building app servers, Web pages, Web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, games cloud applications and web API’s and so on.

C++ is been used by huge companies such as Adobe, Amazon, Google, Facebook and many more. Java is used in NASA World mind, Tommy Jr, Blu-Ray BD-J, Ultra mixer and so on.

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