Fix Android Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access #2022

When it comes to the Internet, your Android might act strangely at times. The terrible “Connected but no Internet Access” notification is really a bunch of gibberish. Here are a few things you may attempt to fix Android connected to WiFi but no internet problem.

The Process to Fix Android Is Connected To WiFi But Isn’t Connected To The Internet

There are numerous options for resolving the issue. We’ve included a few remedies below that you may attempt to get the Internet back up and running.

Need to Check if You Are Able to Access Internet or Not

It’s possible that you’re having this problem because your router isn’t able to access the network. So, reconnect to that router remotely with a different phone to check if you can go online. Check that all of your ISP’s PPPoE configuration information is correct by logging into your router.

Check to see whether your phone’s data is turned off

Once you access a WiFi network after turning on your cellular data. You will find that you are not eligible to access the internet. To solve the problem, turn off mobile data.

Android often will favor WiFi over mobile data when you join a WiFi network. Some connections, on the other hand, demand people to check-in before they can utilize the internet. Even after checking in, Android may not see the connection as operational and continue to utilize mobile data. Android may not be capable to access the internet on both channels in this situation.

On Android, you may disable and enable WiFi

You can restore the WiFi router on Android just as you do on a PC. Since a Wi-Fi reset compels your Android to empty the DNS and re-check the default settings, most connectivity difficulties are resolved. You might, though, will have to get permission to the secret settings panel.

Simply dial *#*#4636#*#* from your phone keypad. It will open the Testing settings window, which is normally covered. Go to “WiFi Information,” then “WiFi API,” and then “disableNetwork.” The Wi-Fi module will be turned off as a result of this action.

After waiting for a few moments, you must lengthy press “enableNetwork” to turn on the Wi-Fi service, and by doing this, your issue should be resolved.

Examine your time and date settings

Another aspect that appears to be typical, yet incorrectly adjusted time and date parameters can lead to a slew of issues. In most cases, Android phones are set up to get time and date data from your internet provider instantly. If you’ve made any changes to the preferences, you’ll need to reset them. Because the clock may not be updated after a restart if the configuration is changed to custom.

  • To set a fully automated date and time, simply open the “Clock” widget.
  • Your next move is to select “Settings” from the drop-down list.
  • Then you are required to pick the option “Change date and time” to modify it..
  • Set the buttons next to “Automatic date and time” and “Automatic time zone” on the following screen.
  • If you are not willing to set time automatically, pick the choices “Adjust date,” “Set time,” and “Select time zone” to personally fix the time.
  • It’s finished!
  • Restart your device and reconnect to the Wifi connection once more.

Reconnect to the WiFi Network After Forgotten

Here’s another way to solve the problem. When you rejoin the WiFi network, you may be given a new local IP address, which should resolve the problem.

  • Simply go to “WiFi” in your Android Options menu.
  • Then, right-click on the Wifi connection and choose “Forget.”
  • Now touch on the WiFi network once more and input the passcode, then press the “Connect” key.
  • It’s finished!

Check to see whether your router is preventing network traffic

Routers can sometimes restrict network traffic. If this is the scenario and you’re not sure, check the WiFi router’s access panel or webpage.

From product to product and supplier to manufacturer, the router admin interface is different. Hence, study your router’s handbook, navigate to the proper settings screen, and determine if your gadget is being denied by the router. The IP address of the gateway, as well as the login and password, are inscribed on the back of certain routers.

Try to Modify your DNS

If you can visit sites using their IP address, your ISP’s DNS server is most likely the case. The problem can be solved by changing to Google DNS (8.8.8;

  • Now head over to your WiFi settings and make the necessary changes.
  • Lengthy tap the WiFi network you want to update the DNS for, then select “Modify network.”
  • Underneath IP choices, pick Static.
  • Then you need to type in the static IP address, DNS1 address, and DNS2 address.
  • Modifications should be saved.
  • Everything has been completed.

Change the Router’s Wireless Mode

It only arises if your Wi-Fi adapter or equipment is outdated. If you can connect to the internet on other gadgets, there’s a communication issue between your Android and your modem.

  • On a router, there are several wifi modes.
  • To resolve the problem, follow these steps:
  • Sign in to your router’s panel and seek the Wireless Mode option.
  • Worth noting: The WiFi SSID and password are configured in the Wireless setting configuration.
  • Afterward, when, you will view a drop-down choice; pick 802.11 b, and save your settings.
  • Refresh the WiFi to see whether the situation has been fixed.
  • If this doesn’t function, switch to 802.11 g. If you’re still having trouble, try the next option.

Need to Set the Setting to Factory Default

Finally, even if nothing helps, you may factory reset your Android smartphone. In order to operate the functionality of factory reset, please follow these instructions:

  • First of all, all you need to do is to launch the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select “Reset options” from the drop-down list.
  • Then select “Factory data reset” from the drop-down option.
  • To factory reset the Android device, press the “Reset Phone” option on the confirmation screen.
  • Please keep in mind that it will take some time to finish.


These are all the debugging methods we can think of for now. Kindly let us know if you discover any additional techniques in the feedback area below!