FIX: Video Lagging or Stuttering Issues on Windows 10 – Step By Step

This is perhaps the most annoying experience ever whenever a video on Windows 10 freezes. Your system does not need to be sent in for a repair because you can easily fix them at home. In this article, we will focus on the fix video lagging or stuttering issues on Windows 10.

For each user, the problem isn’t always with the same videos. Depending on who you ask, it may be the videos they have stored on their device, or it could be the films they watch online. In addition, some people have complained of problems with videos while using a certain media player.

Video lags or stutters on Windows 10 for what reasons?

Before we go into the different adjustments, let’s have a look at some of them. Understanding the reasons for lagging or stuttering videos on Windows 10 is critical. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the video to lag, you can fix it. The problem will become simple to resolve. Here are some of the reasons that may cause the lagging problems:

  • Drivers that are no longer supported.
  • A media player that has become obsolete.
  • Your video file is faulty.
  • Malware has infiltrated the computer.
  • The system is set up incorrectly.
  • Now that you’ve learned about the various problems, it’s time to go over the solutions.

Several things contribute to a video’s lag. Anyone with minimal technical knowledge may simply implement all of the fixes listed in this article.

Analyze any hardware changes through Hardware Scan

Scanning for hardware changes might help address the problem. Hardware changes can cause video lag and stuttering. It’s a good idea to run a hardware diagnostic before attempting any additional solutions.

  • In order to do a hardware scan, you must first launch the ‘Device Manager’ application.
  • Launch the ‘Run’ command by pressing Windows + R.
  • You’ll then need to type in ‘devmmgt.msc’ in the text field and click “OK”.
  • As soon as you’ve done so, pick “Scan for hardware changes” from the list.
  • You should try playing the video again when the scan is complete.
  • Try the following patch if you’re still experiencing lag and stutter.

Fixing the video lagging and stuttering using Windows Updates

Whenever a video lags on several media players for an extended length of time. As a result, the first thing you should do is check for Windows updates. Every time a new version is released, defects and problems from the prior version are solved. Update Windows if you’re seeing stuttering videos due to a bug.

  • By pressing Windows + I, you will go to System Settings, where you may check for updates.
  • Afterward, you’ll need to pick ‘Update & Security.
  • The ‘Windows Update’ tab will automatically appear. You may check for Windows updates by clicking on the ‘Check for updates’ box on the right side of the screen.
  • If there is any updates available, then Windows will install it on your machine as soon as it detects it.
  • When the installation will complete, it prompts you to reboot your system.

Fix videos lagging and stuttering issues through updating Graphics Driver

A lack of updated drivers can sometimes cause the video to lag and stutter. Windows will usually check for and install driver updates on its own. However, this does not always happen. You should constantly check for graphic driver upgrades if you’re having trouble with video playback..

  • You must first run the ‘Device Manager’ in order to check for graphic driver upgrades.
  • Use the Start Menu to find it, then tap on the results page to start it.
  • You may view the display adapter’s drivers by double-clicking on it in the Device Manager.
  • Continue by selecting ‘Update Driver’ by right-clicking the graphics drivers.
  • An update driver window will show two options.
  1. Let Windows search for the driver,


  1. You can browse and install it manually.
  • You should choose the first choice if you don’t have a lot of experience with computers and the Internet. If a newer version of the driver is available, Windows will now search for it and install it.
  • You should reboot your computer after updating the driver to see whether the problem is still there or not.

Reset the Power Plan to its default settings to fix video lagging

If you’ve changed the power plan in any way. The power plan has been modified by you. Anytime you stream videos, you may experience latency and stuttering as a result of this. You can repair the problem by restoring the power plan’s default settings.

  • For a quick way to restore your power plan’s default settings, right-click on the battery symbol in your menu bar.
  • ‘Power Options’ window will launch when you click on the power options icon.
  • You may now modify the settings of the selected plan by clicking on “Change plan settings”.
  • Your power plan and associated parameters are now visible.
  • Continue by clicking the link at the bottom that says “Restore default settings for this plan”.
  • Now, in the confirmation window that appears, click on ‘Yes’.

Fix video lag by reducing Video Resolution

Videos with high quality might stutter or lag on Windows 10. It’s possible that reducing the video resolution will cure your problem. To reduce the resolution, you may use a variety of third-party applications. There is no need for a separate video editor because the ‘Photos’ app has one.

  • In the Start Menu, type “Video Editor” and click the result to open it.
  • Now, you can launch a new project by selecting “New video project” at the top left.
  • Fill in any desired name for your project in the “Project Name” field and click “OK“.
  • In order to decrease the resolution of your movies, you will need to upload them to the project.
  • When you get to the top-left corner, press on “Add” select “From this computer” from the drop-down option.
  • You’ll need to identify and pick the video and then tap on ‘Open’.
  • Afterward, insert the video from the Project Library to the Storyboard area at the bottom of the page.
  • Just reduce the resolution, since we’re not here to make any changes.
  • Now the next step is to pick the “Finish Video” choice in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • To explore additional choices, click on the ‘Video quality’ checkbox.
  • If you’d like a lesser resolution, you may do so by using the drop-down option.
  • “Export” will appear once you have chosen a lower resolution and click on it and save the video.

The latency and stutter issues of your video have been fixed, and you may now see the new video.




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