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A logo is not just a design or any symbol, it is an identity of your business or the product. It is a visual representation of your design required to promote your business or recognizing your brand a symbol used is called a logo.

The graphical designer who embeds a design in the system is known to be logo designing. Logo design is the main feature to express your company. These logos can be used in letter cards, advertisements on TV, website, magazine.

The logo can be anything an animal, bird, letter, character anything which stands out unique and entitles your business. The logo making is on high demand, there are some free and paid services for making logo online. They make a logo of your choice with enhanced design and giving high-resolution quality to your logo.



Graphicsprings is a logo maker allows entrepreneurs, small business, person and much other variety of logo can be designed. It contains a huge database of a logo that can be chosen for designing the logo. It also has a vast variety of categories from politics, law,  teaching, wedding services many other related fields where a logo can be designed.

To start a design some vector may be required, these vector templates are in plenty stored in graphic strings that are updated every day. These logos can be easily designed from this tool any minimal charge is required to complete the process.



Ucraft logo maker is easy, fast, simple and free to use. They have about two million vector templates that can be chosen. Logo can be customized according to your choice of color, size, shape. Ucraft logo maker is designed both for newbie and experts to make a logo of your choice.

There is no need for any other software Ucraft tool to create the logo directly from the browser. These tools are so user-friendly with drag and drop process are very easy to handle. They are a free generator tool. The generated tool can either be downloaded as a. png or. SVG file.



LogoGarden provides various logo making options for different industries such as agriculture, beauty, fashion, videography and many more. They have 1000+ samples, symbols, fonts through which the logo can be designed.

They offer free logo design makers within minutes not in days by their tag line. They even have plenty of options for custom logo design, different pricing options.



Logotype makes is a free tool to create a logo for various fields such as business owners, entrepreneurs logo and perfect business logo’s. The artificial intelligence involved letterhead making generates the templates for user requirements.

Once you create your relevant design and get up through the whole process of making a logo you will receive a whole package of exclusive services offered by logotype makers that include ads both printed for online and offline services.

Letterhead, business card, apparel design for t-shirt or uniform, banner logo, custom modification if required and lifetime support is provided.



Canva provides making logo very easily by there simple yet efficient tools which are quite easy to handle. It contains millions of elements that can be chosen such as the fonts style, the vector templates and many other services offered by Canva are incredible. They offer drag and drop services for non-designers. This Canva logo maker and editor work fine in getting a good quality high profile logo which can be downloaded and printed on any business letterhead or website. Canva is a free tool doesn’t require any external software. You can make pixel perfect and iconic logos through Canva.



DesignEvo is a free logo maker with simple, easy and straightforward with the most convenient experience in making a logo. They offer up to 10000+ templates design in making a logo in a few minutes.

You can use keywords to get the best logo of your choice from thousands of templates styles with 100+ fonts styles and different icons to be selected to give a better look. Create a logo with your style by using the custom design option to work through it.

Save a lot of money and time through this logo generator because they are free to use. You can even download your vector files. You can maintain your logos in a cloud account and customize it anytime.



Logo making is a fast and easy process within a minute you are ready with your logo with supreme features offered by this online logo maker. Gives a good experience of branding by getting a transparent white background logo with vector files.

They came up with free as well as the premium strategy in downloading the logo, with the free version you could be able to download 200px logo but with the premium you get 2000px logo huge difference. They provide easy to handle interface, larger font icons, templates selection, saving your project are other features provided by online logomaker.



This is a free logo design tool easy to use interface providing a huge number of options to make a perfect logo for small businesses, enterprises, clubs, services, startups and many more. They offer a free editor tool to make a logo of your custoDESIGNEVO.

These logo designs can be created on every platform such as mobile laptops or tablets. They provide you with a questionnaire to help them out to which logotype you are more preferable a decent and customized logo appear you can go with any of the design.

Once you have downloaded your logo and made any payment service, you can still be able to alter your logo as it gives lifetime support policy.



Logogenie is a simple logo making tool with professional logo designing. You can make logos by selecting from various styles of templates and fonts by customizing your favorite logo in just a few clicks.

Need not worried about the file extensions with the logo because they offer a solution to this with various file extensions now you can download graphic files in png, jpeg, eps, pdf, Web prints can also be made.

They also provide various styles, fonts, an icon to make your logo unique.



DesignMantic is an elegant logo design website with 1000+ templates design to be chosen. They provide a free tool where customization of the tool can be done with changing in fonts, icons, colors any services that can be made.

You can also be able to change the positioning of the text. Once done with the design you can download the design of a logo with some minimal download charges.




After looking towards the many logos making tools that declare each and every logo making the ease of use and can be done without any prior knowledge of graphic design. The freely offered customized logo making software is a plus point these editors help a lot throughout work. Need not to pay for the editor but they charge some fee for the logo downloading.


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