How To Create Your Own Website In 100% Free Of Cost

Have you started a business? Whether it is a small scale of large scale? Either way, a good website is a great way to promote your business.

But you may think it is a hard job to create a website of your own. No, it is not. Several website builders are available. They help you to create your website, free of cost.

Let me show you the list of such great website builders.


Weebly is one of the topmost choices. It is web hosting services. It is very popular among people to build a website. Weebly is currently hosting around 40 million websites. It is user friendly with drag and drop options. Let’s look at its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Beginner-friendly Full customization of theme colors, not possible
Professional themes Moving site is difficult
Non-intrusive ads site back up unavailable
Fully responsive Online store on the free plan is unavailable

Despite the cons, Weeble is one of the easiest website developers. One benefit is that you can keep the free account as long as you want.



This website builder is good for people who want to promote their business fast. It is also for those who want to run eCommerce sites, landing pages, and blogs. It doesn’t have the drag-and-drop building method. Let us look at the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Multilingual sites and ease of access No drag and drop
Professional e-commerce sites Confused pricing
SEO Friendly Site code access denied
Full website support The online store is not on the free plan

This website builder is beginner-friendly. But it has no drag-and-drop. Instead, it has all website elements pre-made. The free account of Site123’s is also pretty limited.



You may not have heard about it. It may not be as popular as Weebly. However, the major selling point of this website developer is beautiful one-page sites. In one page site, users can navigate through all the options on the same landing page. Therefore it is very user-friendly.

Pros Cons
Professional-view of sites The free option is limited
Mobile-optimized themes Only a few themes available
Great value for money The free plan doesn’t provide online store
Zero coding or design skills needed

It is an ideal choice for people who want to start an online portfolio, single-product online store, or business card.



Webnode is one of the champions of website developing games. Among other advantages, Webnode provides a platform to create a multilingual website. The developers have also updated this website builder.

Pros Cons
Multilingual website development Limited eCommerce feature
Great for SEO Basic blog
Good back-up and restore options Missing a few key features

Although some key features may be missing but the templates are praiseworthy. The option to make a multilingual website is best. We can expect that it will be updated soon.



It is one of the most famous website builders. Many Hollywood stars have promoted it.  It has around 110 million websites and online stores

Pros Cons
Ease of use and responsiveness Intrusive ads
Professional templates Free templates are old
Full working website for free The basic plan contains ads
The large Wix app market Data export is not possible
Secure website The free plan is not available in the online store

Wix website builder has features that help to build a good website. if you want to get rid of ads and custom domain, you can get it for just $5.



Initially, WordPress was a blogging platform. Now it has evolved into a great website developer, and content management system (CMS). Although it is not the only option, you may check out the pros and cons to decide it.

Pros Cons
User-Friendly CMS Issues with Updates
Free and Paid Plugins Vulnerability to hackers
SEO ready Reduced Speed for certain themes
Open-source and responsive Expensive for Customization

Well, now you know the points. You may choose whether it is suitable or not for developing your website.



Medium is an online publishing platform. Here you can publish your content. It helps you to share your perspectives, idea, and knowledge. It is a place where word matters.

Pros Cons
More focus on writing, No worries about technical issues. It is a third-party Blogging site. You don’t own it.
Medium is like a community and hence helps your blog grow. It has a limited number of features.


Writers get paid through the Medium Partner Program. It doesn’t promote writers’ brand much.

Hence, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to publish in Medium or start your own website.



Bloglovin’ is an online platform to discover and follow your favorite blogs. This blog is available for both desktops and mobile.

Pros Cons
Easy transfer from Google Reader, with a clean, streamlined look. While Bloglovin on your computer, you can’t read a post in your reader. It opens up the website.
You can “claim” and promote your blog. Follow buttons are available Transfer from Google reader starred items is not possible.

Bloglovin’ is very useful to follow your favorite blogs and ideas. This platform provides data collected from RSS feeds. You can discover, read, and organize your ideas here.



This particular website developer helps to build eCommerce stores. There are 20 million websites and online stores at Jimdo. With Jimdo, setting-up, running websites, and selling products can be done within minutes.

Pros Cons
The quickest way for an eCommerce store Old templates
Affordable pricing The payment system is not good for US sellers
Access to the code and Strong SEO elements The free plan is not available in the online store

Promises to have your website up and running in 3 minutes. Customize your design and edit your website any time, with no coding required.



Now you have the list of best website builders to create your own website. It may be for your eCommerce domain, blogs, or other business. You can choose among them and promote your ideas and products.

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