How To Factory Reset Windows Xp Without Cd? Step By Step Guide

Restoring your system to its previous state, as it was when it was bought, is known as restoring factory settings or factory reset. A factory reset is a process of returning to factory settings. All personal files will be deleted if a computer is reset to factory settings. For example, songs, videos, and photos, as well as any installed software products or programs that were not part of the computer’s initial configuration. You can restore the factory setting with an installation CD or without it. In this post, I will explain the steps on how to factory reset Windows XP without Cd and with Cd.

If any of the options open to you, you can restore your device to factory reset:

  • Your machine has a recovery partition setup. This partition is often installed by the computer company (for instance, Dell or HP) which can be used to recover a computer.
  • Your PC comes with a set of recovery CDs. These CDs are generally included with the buying of a computer and may be used to execute a restoration.
  • The original Windows installation CD is in your hands. This is the genuine Windows XP CD. You may utilize this DVD to reinstall Windows..

If you do not have any of the above, you can still recover or factory reset Windows XP using the following methods:

Use the System Restore option. The System Restore function is preconfigured on Windows XP systems. This function may be used to restore a PC to a previous state. You won’t be able to recover the PC if System Restore isn’t activated.

Use Easy Recovery Essentials. It’s an automated diagnostics disc that’s simple to use.

Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista are all supported. Windows XP and Windows Server also supported it. You can implement the Automated Repair function to instantly resolve startup issues. This will also resolve other important services such as file access and backup, web browser, antivirus scanner, and so on.

Reset Windows XP to its default settings

If no facilities from the Computer vendor are provided, such as a recovery disc. Then you can utilize the following options from Windows XP to restore a machine to factory settings:

  1. System Restore is a piece of software that allows you to restore your computer.
  2. To execute a Reinstall of the computer, you’ll need the installation CD.
  3. You can achieve this by using Easy Recovery Essentials.

Steps to Factory Reset Windows Xp Without Cd

System Restore in Safe Mode may be an option to factory reset Windows XP without Cd.

Safe Mode can be accessed by following these steps:

  • You can now reboot your device.
  • The F8 key should be pressed and held immediately after starting.
  • Pick Safe mode with a command prompt from the Windows Advanced Options menu.
  • Click Enter when the selection has been displayed.
  • You must Log In as an administrator with administrative rights on your computer.
  • The following command should be entered into the Command Prompt when it appears:


This will start your system restore to factory reset windows XP.

Use Easy Recovery Essentials to Factory Reset Windows Xp Without Cd

Use Easy Recovery Essentials if you don’t have access to the installation CD.

  • First of all, you have to download the Easy Recovery Essentials.
  • Make a copy of the ISO image and burn it on a disc. Burning a bootable CD can be tough if you don’t follow the steps attentively.
  • Start Easy Recovery Essentials now.
  • Click System Restore after selecting Windows XP from the options.
  • Pick  a restore point.
  • Easy Recovery Essentials will now make a backup of your current system setup before starting to restore the specified version.
  • Now you need to the Tap Restart option when the process is finished.

Steps to Factory Reset Windows Xp With Cd

You can use the actual Windows XP installation disc to reset Windows XP if System Restore isn’t accessible on your computer (it’s been disabled).

Follow these procedures to execute a Repair Installation:

  • First of all, you should place the original Windows XP disc into the disc driver.
  • Turn on the computer and observe what occurs.
  • When the computer displays the message “Press any key to boot from CD”, hit any key.
  • You’ll need to wait for the Windows XP CD to load before continuing.
  • Click Continue to access Repair Install on the Welcome to the Setup screen.
  • The End-Use License Agreement must be accepted. To do so, enter F8.
  • Please make sure that on the next page, the drive where you’ve downloaded and installed Windows XP is displayed! As an example: “C:\Windows “Microsoft Windows XP Professional”
  • Assure yourself that you have these two options when you run Setup:
  1. Press R to repair the specified Windows XP installation..
  2. Press ESC to continue installing a new copy of Windows XP without fixing it.
  • Once the highlighted area has been selected, press R.
  • Wait for the program to complete the Repair Install before you attempt to use it.
  • Once again, Windows XP Setup will continue the process of installing the operating system on your computer.
  • Set up your system again by following the wizard’s instructions.

Steps to Factory Reset Windows 10 

The steps are as follows:

  • To begin, open Windows 10.
  • Click Enter after opening the Start Menu and typing Recovery.
  • On the Recovery screen, under Reset this PC, you need to select the Get started button on the right side.
  • To proceed, you’ll have to place your Windows 10 installation DVD if you’re asked to do so.
  • Remove everything by clicking on it.
  • Choose to erase all files (delete) from simply the Windows drive or from all drives if your PC has more than one drive (partition) on the Windows 10 disc.
  • Depending on how you wish to clear your disc, select either Just remove my files or Fully clean the drive.
  • To proceed, click Reset.


Because Windows XP has been out of operation for so many years, you should upgrade to Windows 10, granted your system can support it. That is why, I have mentioned above some methods that can help you to factory reset your Windows XP without CD.





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