How to Go Full Screen in Windows 11 – Step By Step Guide

You may have wished to use full-screen mode for app windows during attempting to improve gradually decreased distractions. It’s a fantastic method to stay focused. A key command may be used to switch to full-screen mode in most programs. Others may necessitate tinkering with the built-in settings. We’ve compiled a list of popular applications and programs. We’ll guide you through how to go full screen in Windows 11 for each.

Customizing your work environment to meet your specific demands is often a fine decision. Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the standard screen size of various apps and/or features. Luckily, the most recent Microsoft operating system allows you to maximize it in a variety of ways.

If you’re still not sure how full-screen mode might benefit you, check out the paragraph below for some compelling arguments.

How can I benefit from utilizing full screen?

You may need to make your Windows 11 programs full screen for greater clarification and less clutter. This is an excellent technique to maintain attention during regular activities.

Many of you might have to snap specialized pictures to save every element on your desktop. It will almost necessitate a full-screen view, which is even another point in learning how to do it rapidly.

Unwanted things will be suppressed if you opt to go full screen. As a result, you’ll be able to stay focused on your core material once more.

How to Go Full Screen for Browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera)

If you move to full-screen mode in a browser, just the existing page will be shown. The browsing taskbar, the listing of pages at the top, and the Navbar at the foot will all be hidden. There may be minor differences across browsers. However, after you start utilizing the function, you’ll get the feel of it.

The best route to switch to full-screen in a website is to use the F11 key.

You may also use the browser menu to convert to full-screen mode. For most browsers, the principle is the same. We’ll guide you through the procedure for Google Chrome.

  • Select the ‘Menu’ icon in the browser’s upper corner. After that, besides the ‘Zoom’ option, pick the ‘Full-Screen’ option.
  • If the browser interface is not visible, you may also leave full-screen mode by hitting the F11 key.

The Process to Full-Screen Mode in Windows Explorer

  • To reach full display in Windows Explorer, press the F11 keys on the keyboard.
  • You can leave a full-screen display by using the F11 key. You may also pick the ‘Full Screen’ option that displays by hovering your mouse over the upper corner.

Go to Full-Screen Mode for Microsoft Office

Because the toolbar disappears in full-screen mode in Microsoft Office, it’s really about watching than composing. Also missing is the Windows Taskbar, although there is a solution that we will cover further in the part.

  • You may enter full-screen mode by pressing ALT + V then U, or by clicking the ‘Toggle Full Screen View’ option at the upper end. By hitting ESC, you can leave full-screen orientation.

This is how to enable the command to your system’s ‘Quick Access Toolbar’ if it isn’t already there.

  • Choose Choose ‘More Commands’ from the drop-down list after clicking the ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’ symbol.
  • Then, from the set of choices, pick ‘All Commands’ from the ‘Choose commands from the drop-down list.
  • Go down on the list of instructions until you find the ‘Full Window [Switch Full Screen View]’ choice, then hit Add from the drop-down list after clicking the ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’ symbol.
  • The function has been inserted into the ‘Toolbar’. To save your adjustments and exit the ‘Word Options’ screen, hit ‘OK’ at the end.

Whenever you utilize the key commands or the ‘Toggle Full Screen View’ feature. The Windows Taskbar is prominently shown, which was not the situation with the previous applications.

  • The method enters the scene at this point. In the Start Menu, look for ‘Taskbar Settings’ and open it from the results pages.
  • Then, on the ‘Auto-hide the taskbar in desktop mode’ switch, select it. The Taskbar will not be buried anymore. It’s also accessible by dragging the pointer to the edge of the screen, where the Taskbar was initially located.
  • Microsoft Office now allows users to access documents and files in full-screen mode.

The Process to Go Full Screen in Video Streaming Apps (Prime Video and Netflix)

On Windows 11, we tested two of the biggest online streaming applications: Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Full-screen functioned in these programs in a similar manner as it did in the browsers, and is also hidden in the Navigation bar. To access full-screen view, most people just hit the ‘Full Screen’ button while watching a movie. Even if you’re just surfing around the app, there’s a method to make it full-screen.

To watch Prime Video or Netflix in full screen, click WINDOWS + SHIFT + ENTER. When you wish to return to the normal display style, use the same key combination.

Go Full Screen in Networking and Chat Apps (Twitter and Google Chat)

The global F11 key appears to work with these two programs. You may immediately shift to full-screen mode and concentrate on Twitter or Google Conversation anytime you like. To get out of full-screen mode, use the F11 key once more.

You may also use the customization options to convert to full-screen mode for these applications. Simply choose the ellipsis symbol and then the ‘Full Screen’ option beside the ‘Zoom’ button.


Please feel free to refer to this article if you need to utilize Windows 11 in full-screen mode. On Windows 11, we’ve attempted to explain the most widely utilized programs. If you’re on an application that isn’t listed above, try hitting the F11 key, which apparently works for the majority of them. Use the WINDOWS + SHIFT + ENTER key combo if you’re on an online streaming site. If they don’t function, check for the full-screen option under the built-in options.








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