How to Hide Apps on iPhone – Step By Step Guide

Like Android, you can’t personalize your iPhone’s home page, which indicates you can’t just prevent an application from appearing on the main screen. You may, meanwhile, conceal apps from clear view by placing them within a subfolder on the home screen. You may bury it even deeper within a folder, like the 10th tray in a document, to make it much more difficult to discover. Today, we will learn how to hide apps on iPhones in this article.

Place the app in a folder to keep it hidden

Just keep tapping one of the widgets on your iPhone main screen and drag it over the other app you want to transfer to a folder.

When you’ve established a folder, upload the app you want to conceal into the folder you just made, trying to ensure it’s on the second slide. To put the ios app on the default folder slide, grab and drag the application icon on the folder’s right side, then release once the second slide shows.

Inside a subfolder, you may place the app you want to conceal as deeply as you like. We experimented with up to 13 panes, but it’s possible to go very far. Insert one app icon on the existing final slide to establish a new clip in a folder.

Conceal the app from Siri’s recommendations

If you’ve really buried the app deeper into a subfolder and concealed it from clear sight on the main screen, it may still display in Lookup and Siri recommendations. Remove Siri & Lookup settings for the application from device Settings if you want to entirely conceal it.

  • First of all, you are required to launch the Settings application.
  • Then the next step is to come down to the application you want to conceal from Siri and Search recommendations, then touch it to view its properties.
  • Touch Siri and choose a query option from the list.
  • Switch off all of the gesture controls in the app’s Siri & Search setups:
  • “Learn from this App” should be disabled.
  • “Show in Search” should be disabled.
  • “Suggest Shortcuts” should be disabled.
  • “Show Siri Suggestions” should be turned off.
  • Show App” should be disabled.

That is all there is to it. The app will not appear in Siri’s or Search’s recommendations or shortcuts.

App alerts can be turned off

If the application you’re concealing delivers alerts, just removing it from the main screen or from Searching won’t suffice. It may be detected and retrieved through the Notice Bar if it delivers an alert. To eliminate this, just read the instructions outlined below to turn off app alerts.

  • On your iPhone, open the Start menu and go to the Setting application.
  • Come down to the application you want to conceal from Siri and Search recommendations, then tap it to view its settings.
  • Select Alerts from the drop-down menu.

└ If you don’t view this choice, you shouldn’t be concerned. The program does not deliver any alerts.

  • To entirely stop alerts from the application, switch off the option for “Allow notifications” at the top of the page.

That is all there is to it. You’ve now totally disconnected the app from the internet on your iPhone. However, keep a watch on your iPhone for intrusion. Make doubly sure the home screen has a passcode.

Making use of the App Library to Conceal Applications

If you have iOS 14 or iOS 15, the App Library will be available on your iPhone. Here’s how to conceal apps in the iPhone App Library so you can keep them off your Home screen.

  • Hold down the app icon for the app you wish to conceal for a few seconds.
  • A menu will appear on the screen. Disable the app by tapping on it.
  • There will be a second menu. Select Add to App Library from the menu.
  • This will make the app disappear from the iPhone App Store. You may always regret your decision and put it back to your Home display later because concealed apps are easy to track down in the App Library.

Is it possible to hide apps from the App Library?

The App Library is intended to offer a complete list of all installed applications. As a result, once an app is properly installed, it cannot be hidden from the App Library. This implies that if you want to conceal an app from the App Library, you’ll have to remove it and then reload it every time you need or want. This may be essential in certain circumstances, but it is not practicable for most individuals.

Can I Conceal Apps from Your App Store Purchase History on the iPhone?

Everybody in your Family Group can view and download the applications you’ve paid and uploaded if you’ve activated Family Sharing. You may conceal certain of your applications from your App Store past purchases if you would like to cover them up. No need to worry because you can always go back and look for concealed app purchases whenever you need to!

Why Is It Necessary to Hide Apps on the iPhone?

You may occasionally really have to conceal apps on your iPhone from prying eyes. If you’re hooked to a certain activity or monitoring your Facebook updates, you may also hide the app. You can ask that an application not be mentioned with Smart Suggestions for Applications. Application containers may also be used to conceal an app from the app store. You may go one step beyond and conceal the app from iPhone Lookup and your App Store past purchases. Whatever you’re doing, you can also get away from several of Apple’s pre-installed applications.

When you conceal apps on your iPhone, where do they go?

Until you delete an app entirely from your apple device, the application will often be retained in the App Library. Your iPhone’s App Library may be located on the right-most page of the Main screen. At the absolute least, this means you may either check the Application Library or make use of Spotlight Searching to locate the lost app on your iPhone.