How To Make A Three-Way Call On Android Mobiles – Step By Step Guide

Making a conference call is the same as making a 3-way call. Conference calls are an essential part of every team, whether it’s virtual or on-site. They’re fast and easy for everyone engaged, particularly when no screen sharing is required.

Three-way calling may be set up in a variety of ways, including utilizing a landline. You’re undoubtedly already aware of the dozens of conference call providers available, or you use your mobile device’s built-in conference calling capability. In this article, we will learn about how to make a three-way call on Android in detail.

What is the three-way call?

When three or more individuals are talking on the phone at the same time, it’s called a 3-way or conference call. Most smartphones can only handle five or six conference call members at a time, but there are commercial and free hosting services that can handle far more. The goal of a conference call is to enable people who are in different places or time zones to have a meeting.

Methods to make a three-way call on an Android phone

On most Android phones, you can establish a three-way call from the call screen. As soon as you’ve reached the first individual, you’ll start merging calls with the other conference attendees. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to accomplish it.

Just make sure that your contact list includes everyone who will be on the conference call before you get started.

  1. Call the first person you’d like to invite to the meeting.
  2. When the call is established, touch the “Add call” button. As a result, you’ll see a list of contacts. This can be done by any member of the two-way call using the “Add call” button.
  3. Find the person you want to invite to your conversation next and dial their phone number.
  4. This allows you to converse with the second caller without having the first caller hear you.
  5. You’ll need to click “Merge”.
  6. Everyone will be able to listen and talk to one another once you’ve activated this option.
  7. Follow the previous procedures to connect more people.
  8. Once again, this can be done by any of the three callers.
  9. Tap the red phone symbol to terminate the call and hang up as you normally would.

Now, while this method is convenient, it does have some drawbacks.  For instance, if you have more than four individuals in a conference, the processes can be pretty tiresome.  Also, overseas or out-of-state calls can be expensive.

A better method for Android users to make three-way calls

You can implement your Android’s integrated capabilities to establish a three-way call, but there’s a smarter method if you’re operating a business. RingCentral is available as a smartphone app. The task is considered easier with the RingCentral app. There are several team collaboration elements in its conference calling tool, which are meant to make your three-way calls and phone conversations more efficient. As soon as you’ve got it, you’re ready to go.  To make a phone call, team members just download the desktop and mobile software on their computers or mobile devices and dial in from there.  It’s as simple as sending a quick message, hosting an online meeting, or setting up a 3-way calling.

Meetings can be set up at no charge.  Since your RingCentral Office membership handles all your conference calling costs, you don’t have to face your mobile service provider’s expenses for local or international calls. The RingCentral app allows you to do more than simply audio or teleconferencing.

Instead of needing to call each person individually, you can do it all at once. Using your dial pad, you may make a unique conference bridge phone number or give a link via email or text. This helps you save a lot of time.

How to use the RingCentral app on Android to initiate a conference call

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download RingCentral’s app
  2. Then, either create a new account or log in if you already have one.
  3. For starters, pick a few people from your contact list to start a three-way call.
  4. To create a new conference, touch the Plus symbol and select “New Conference”. It’s over! From there, you may add people to a conference call.
  5. To make a regular call into a conference call, simply touch “Add” to add extra people in the conversation.
  6. Other essential functions are also available. “More” helps to put someone on wait, transfer them, switch to your phone network instead of Wi-Fi, and even tape your call.
  7. Select a user for your conference call. Transmit the conference invite by text or email to your attendees Using Google Calendar and Outlook, RingCentral automatically inserts a link to a meeting in the invitation.

Points to bear in mind before making a three-way call

Consider the following things before starting a 3-way call on a mobile device:

  • If there are more than three individuals, you should use a landline or hire a hosting business. Some telephony application lets up to 50 individuals to participate in a single conference call.
  • Early is always on time in business. Before the call’s planned time, make sure you’re logged in, set up, and ready to address the issues at hand. Check the connection before the three-way call if you’re utilizing a hosting site or app.
  • So that everyone may participate successfully, take the time and care to locate a place that is free of noise and disturbance.
  • Verify the signal strength at your location. Consider moving it if it looks to be unstable.
  • Charge your phone in advance. Consider keeping a charger and outlet handy in case you need them.
  • Ensure that your phone and tablet are on quiet before your call in order to avoid any interruptions.
  • It’s best to stay away from employing speakerphones.  Despite the fact that it allows you to be more hands-free, it degrades sound quality.

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