How To Make Chrome Your Default Browser Mobile And Desktop #2022

Chrome Browser is by far the most widely used application globally. It has a market dominance of over 65 percent on both desktop and mobile platforms. Even if you’re using a smartphone, iPad, laptop, or desktop pc, here’s how to make Chrome your default browser Android/iOS, and Windows/MacBook.

It’s prudent to make Chrome the default or primary browser on all your gadgets if you make use of Chrome for all your internet experiences. On your Computer, mobile, and tablets, Chrome saves your browsing data and credentials in this way.

On almost any device, namely iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, you can designate Chrome as your default browser. We’ll teach you how to accomplish precisely that right here.

Change the default browser on Windows to Google Chrome

default browser on Windows to Google Chrome

Press And hold key+I to bring up System settings, then select “Apps.”

Default Apps

Select “Default Apps” from the left menu.

Spot the Web Browser column, choose your current primary browser, then scroll to the bottom and choose “Google Chrome” from the list.

That’s all there is to it. Chrome has replaced Internet Explorer as your preferred browser.

Set Google Chrome as your Mac’s default browser

  • Run Chrome and locate Preferences from the settings tab, or use Cmd+, (comma) to get straight to the options menu.
  • Select “Default Browser” from the left-hand panel.
  • Hit Make Default under the Default Browser box.
  • If you would like to switch your preferred web browser, a message box will display. Select “Use Chrome” from the drop-down menu.
  • If the “Make default” option isn’t visible, Chrome has already been your default web browser.

The Process to set Google Chrome your iPhone/default iPad’s browser

Apple makes it easy to modify web browsers on iPhone and iPad with the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 in 2020.

  • Begin by going to your iPhone or iPad’s “Preferences” icon. If you can’t reach the application on your homepage, try Apple’s built-in Limelight search engine to discover it instantly.
  • After that, the main objective is to find the “Chrome” interface.
  • Choose “Default Browser App,” which is located halfway down the menu. Safari will be shown as the primary if the configuration hasn’t been altered previously.
  • Lastly, from the selection of installed web browser programs, select “Chrome.”
  • Another time you visit a site in any apps for iPhone or iPad, Chrome will launch quickly.

On Android – The process to make Google Chrome the default browser

Most Android phones come pre-installed with Google Chrome as the default web browser. Customized ROMs, on the other hand, can modify browser presets on some devices. If Google Chrome isn’t currently installed, you might have to download it from the Play Store.

  • After that, visit the Android Settings app and read down until you find “Apps,” which you should touch.
  • Select “Default Apps” from the drop-down menu.
  • Drill down until you find the “Browser” setting, then press it to select your default browser.
  • Pick “Chrome” from the list of options.
  • The preferences can now be closed. It will load in Chrome the next time you tap a link.
  • Chrome will now be selected as the default web browser anytime you visit a link from an external application.

What if I Restore Chrome’s Default Configuration on a Mac, Windows, or Linux Computer

Do you want to restore Chrome’s default settings? If Chrome is flaring up and you want to fix it or just want to restart, you can quickly restore the browser’s basic settings. On Mac, Windows, and Linux, the method of resetting Chrome is very much the same.

Resetting Chrome’s settings recovers the browser’s original state settings as if it had been originally implemented. This implies that all adjustments to the starting home page, tab settings, search tool, bookmarked tabs, and so on will be restored.

The Chrome browser plugins will also be deactivated, and all impermanent data such as caching and cookies will be erased. Nonetheless, restoring Chrome does not delete bookmarks, history, auto-fill recommendations, or remembered passwords (at least not yet, as of this writing — if you’re worried about tabs data and passwords, you still can save them beforehand).

The Process to Restore Chrome’s Default Settings

Remember, this changes just about everything about the Chrome web browser on a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, so make sure you need to do it:

  • Start a unique browser window with the Chrome browser.
  • Pick “Settings” from the drop-down menu after clicking the dots icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • To see some more, go to the bottom of the Settings and choose “Advanced.”
  • You need to go to the base to find out the “Reset Settings” option and then select “Restore settings to their original values” from there.
  • By choosing “Reset settings,” you acknowledge that you wish to refresh Chrome’s settings.

Refreshing Chrome will need a few seconds depending on how you have it established if you already have any (or many) Products and features loaded, and other considerations such as the speed of the machine you’re using. Let’s give it a few moments to complete the restoring process.

After you’ve refreshed Chrome, you should consider updating the browser as well, then exit and reopen the program. If you didn’t upgrade the complete browser, you might like to manually install any extensions you intend on using, such as Flash.

This ensures that the Chrome web browser and its extensions are running the most recent version, as well as the most recent capabilities and software upgrades.

A further method is to clean Chrome cookies and surfing data after relaunching the freshly reset Chrome, however, caches would have been removed during the reset process. You’ll probably want to redo any Chrome settings you made previously.

If you notice that your Chrome browser isn’t working properly, rebooting it might be a useful diagnostic tool.


The popularity of Google Chrome can be attributed to its simplicity, which provides a sense of comfort. Even the number of advertisements displayed has decreased. In comparison to its competitors, the Google Chrome browser allows you to open pages faster. So, these methods will help you to set Google Chrome browser as your preferred or default browser.