How to Record a GoToMeeting and View or Share It with Participants

It’s difficult to take notes or recall anything said and done at meetings. Frequently, the most important events of conferences are carefully summarized into minutes. Those who were unable to attend the sessions would find it difficult to piece together what had occurred. Now, in the age of the digital revolution and the pandemic, it is more important than ever to raise the bar. Almost all of the meetings are virtual and take place on multiple platforms. One such tool for videoconferencing and seminars is GoToMeeting. This article will explain how to record a GoToMeeting and view or share it with participants.

GoToMeeting technology makes it a lot easier to capture meetings or presentations, which may be kept offline or in the cloud. You can keep a record of them for reference purposes. You can also simply share them with people with just a few keystrokes. Let’s look at how we can use GoToMeeting to record, view, and share a meeting.

Who has the ability to record a GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting allows only the administrators and organizers to record meetings. During the event, individuals can only utilize the ‘Snapshot’ function to take moving snaps. If the organizer wishes, then you are able to share the recorded document with the attendees.

The administrator also has authority over the organizer. The administrator is the boss of the event like he has the authority to enable or stop the capturing features. The organizers work according to the admin. Admin tells organizer to save the file and where to save it (locally or on the cloud).

The step by step process to record a GoToMeeting

It’s simple to record a meeting with GoToMeeting.

  • Simply mouse over the ‘REC’ icon on the top bar of the conference pane once you’ve attended the session.
  • The ‘Start Your Recording’ option will appear in the pop-up window. To use the feature, simply click it.
  • You’ll notice an electronic announcement that says, “This meeting is now processing”. This notification confirms that the recording or capturing of your events is processing. During recording, the black and white record key changes to red and white.
  • You can record down your meeting in almost the same manner. When you have started simply move your mouse over the enabled “record” key.
  • Next, in the pop-up box, you have to select the ‘Stop Your Recording’ option.
  • After you hit the ‘Stop Your Recording’ box. Again, you’ll get an additional audio notice that says, ‘This session is no longer recording’.

Then it will save the captured footage automatically on the cloud without any hassle. You can update it if you are an account administrator. All you have to do is to sign in to your GoToMeeting admin panel.

Viewing and Sharing GoToMeeting Recordings

  • In order to see the recorded file, you need to visit the taskbar of your machine.
  • You will find a GoToMeeting button in the taskbar, just right-click on it.
  • The next step is to pick ‘Preferences‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap the ‘Recording‘ button from the genre area on the right side of the GoToMeeting Preferences menu.
  • There are two different parts in the recording section. The first one is Cloud Recordings and the second is Local Recordings.
  • If you already have captured events in the cloud. Then just hit the ‘Meetings’ tab under the ‘Cloud Recordings’ area.
  • If you stored them locally. Then you may also use the ‘Browse’ link in the ‘Local Recordings’ column. The contents will be in the target directory. You may access or share them with anybody.
  • If you’ve chosen the ‘Meetings’ option (to open cloud recording). Then it will lead you right to the homepage where you can view all of your meeting records. Tick in the ‘Recorded’ option to remove the recorded meetings from the archive.

Select the meeting you wish to see or share from the collection of archived conferences. You’ll get the captured file there. You have the option to expand it, upload it. You can also exchange the URL with others, or even destroy it.

When you have completed the whole process of task. The tape will then be sent to your email address. You may retrieve the recording file by clicking on the link supplied in the email (View Interactive Meeting).

Using Movavi Screen Recorder to Capture GoToMeeting Sessions for free

Individuals on PCs may capture GoToMeeting sessions (and webinars) by utilizing a variety of screen recorders. One of the best screen recorders in the industry is Movavi Screen Recorder. Movavi Screen Recorder is a sophisticated application with a lot of options. An automated scheduler, customized keyboard and mouse effects, and simultaneous recording of several streams are just a few of its greatest features.

You may capture pictures and modify images in the preview window using Movavi. Furthermore, the slightly elevated recordings make it very easy to go back and listen to your video. In addition, the built-in use suggestions help you understand faster.

To begin, get the Windows or Mac version of the recording device. Once the app is downloaded, run the setup file. Modify the appropriate parameters when the installation procedure has been finished correctly. To do so, navigate to the Options or Settings menu of the screen recorder.

Possible alternatives may be found in the configuration box. Audio and video formats, timing, keypad, and bookmarks are all included.

Make each one personalized to you. Initiate recording and make any necessary adjustments to the recording time frame.

If you are a speaker then assure that MIC and Webcam are turned on. Make absolutely sure the Microphone and Webcam are turned on as a speaker. Mute the Microphone as an attendee to exclude exterior noises and let System Audio record interior audio. Select the REC option to tape the GoToMeeting session, then chill and enjoy the conference.

If you require taking snapshots while capturing a stream, select the Screenshot tab. Customize the final output in the notification center while you’re at it. When the presentation is finished, use the Stop button. Hit Download in the main window. Choose your desired video format (MP4, AVI, or MOV) and click Save.



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