How to Record a Video with a Song Playing on your iPhone – Step By Step Guide

It’s something we’ve all experienced. We’re jamming out to some intense music and feel compelled to capture the experience. So what is the only issue? The music was being played by your smartphone, and as long as you pressed the video icon, the music ended. Never let the music stop the next time your inner videographer wishes to play. So, this article will explain how to record a video with a song playing on your iPhone.

It makes no difference whether you’re listening to music over Wifi or vehicle audio, or whatever app you’re using — Apple Music, Spotify, or any other. When you switch to video mode on your apple device, the music will halt. It doesn’t even pause for you to finish recording before stopping the music. And if you were in charge of hearing the song when other individuals were around, you wrecked not just your atmosphere, but also theirs. We hope you’ve never been in such a terrifying circumstance.

Minimum Requirements to Record a Video with a Song Playing

The most important thing to remember about this is that it does not function on all iPhone models. For starters, you must be running iOS 13 or later. According to some sources, this does not work on “previous” iPhone models, however, anybody with an iPhone 11 or 12 series phone, and the iPhone SE (second generation), will have no trouble using this hack. Further than your iPhone and music, there are no more conditions for this to function.

To prevent any copyright infringements, Apple absolutely prohibits any play music from appearing throughout video mode. It’s a clever move that sounds plausible, but they haven’t found it tough to get out of it. Just be aware that if you do utilize music and share it on social media, it may be removed if you violate rules, especially on YouTube.

The Process to Record a Video with a Song Playing on your iPhone

Almost all of the time, you would like the audio to play in the foreground. That seems to be the entire purpose. Fortunately, there is always an easy hack that allows you to capture a clip whereas the music is still running.

Launch your Camera app while the track is listening on your iPhone. This method is only applicable to the standard photo app.

Then, rather than switching to video mode, remain in ‘Photo’ mode. When you switch to video mode, the soundtrack in the scene will disappear.

Hold it down the trigger button. Rather than snapping a photograph, your iPhone will now begin recording a video.

This is why this method only functions on later versions. Holding down the close button on earlier iPhone devices instead captures images in burst mode.

  • To enter the video recording function, slide to the right. You’d have to continue pressing the lock button instead. The recording will cease if you leave the close button before sliding to the right side.
  • Press the close button at any point to stop filming, much like a regular movie. Show the video from your photo library. Audio will be played in the background of the video.
  • It’s the only thing that matters in the end. Now, the very next time you’re in the mood and would like to record a video, try to start in Photo mode first, then you’ll be good.

Another Way to Record a Video with a Song Playing on your iPhone

However, you may make use of Instagram to simultaneously shoot videos and music on your apple device. Simply launch the Instagram cam and tap and hold the Shutter button to capture a video—the music will not be interrupted. You may store this movie in your collection later

You can do the same with Snapchat. All you have to do is launch the Snapchat app and keep pressing the Capture key for as long as you want to take the video. The video will be shot with the music song playing.

Super Simple iPhone App for Adding Music to Videos

On your iPhone, you may shoot a video and combine photographs to make a video. To insert music into it, you’ll have to utilize a video editing tool.

Using Filmr on the iPhone to incorporate music into videos

Filmr is the first watermark-free video-editing program with a soundtrack collection that includes more than 20 million tracks. With these sequential instructions, you may insert music in the background to your Filmr video clip:

  • Install the Filmr app on your phone for free.
  • Then you need to tap on the camera roll icon.
  • Upload the video to which you wish to insert music.
  • Once exported, in the top left, press the music icon next to the video symbol.
  • Now in order to insert music, press on tap.
  • Select songs by visiting the music library, or select files to pick music from your data pages.
  • When you’re in the music collection, touch on an audio file to play to it, and then attach it to your movie if it suits you.
  • Your audio input is the green layer beneath your movie. You may modify the length of the song by cutting it.
  • Increase the music diversity by adding extra songs or effects using a second audio clip. Repeat the preceding steps. To alter settings, switch between the song clips. You may also change the length to fit the video.
  • If you do have an Epidemic Sound membership, you may integrate their built-in selection of songs available to your Filmr timeline. To do this with your video, you may get these via mood.
  • Simply mouse over the top buttons adjacent to music and video to create a voice-over. To tape, select vocal and hit the record button.
  • When you’re finished, you may post your movie immediately to several of the social media networks or store it in the library.

Isn’t it fast and easy? Now is the time to download Filmr and get going for free.