How To Record A Zoom Meeting Without Permission From The Host

In the event that you are hosting a Zoom Meeting, you have the option of recording the meeting and storing it locally. This recording feature is not available to participants. To do this, you’ll need the host’s consent. In such cases, the only alternative is to record the meeting using a third-party screen recorder. This article will explain to you how to record a zoom meeting without permission from the host using third-party apps.

Using ApowerREC Desktop Software to record a Zoom Meeting

You may use ApowerREC, a screen recorder program, to record any event on your pc screen. It saves the recording as an MP4, AVI, MOV, or other video file type.

To record a Zoom Meeting, you must first install the ApowerREC program on your PC. Download the software from the official website. As soon as the file is downloaded. In the location where you stored the file, double-click on the.exe installer file to start the installation process. Select “Install Now” from the ApowerREC window. Once done, hit the “X” button to quit ApowerREC.

The process to Configure ApowerREC to Record Zoom Meeting window

In its default configuration, ApowerREC records the whole screen of your computer once it starts. But it may also be set up to record a certain window. In our instance, it would be the Zoom Meeting window that we’d be utilizing. After zooming out in the Zoom Meeting, the program will record the entire screen for you.

We will begin by joining a Zoom Meeting. Create a new meeting or join an existing one using the Zoom application on your computer. Being a beginner to recording a Zoom meeting using third-party software. As a first step, we recommend that you establish a fictitious meeting to test the program.

After you’ve established a Zoom meeting and participated it. In order to run ApowerREC software, you must first get the meeting window into the center.

  • ‘Dropdown’ button in ApowerREC setup options should be selected.
  • Then, pick the ‘Lock window’ option from the menu.
  • An explanation of how the ‘Lock window’ function works will appear in a dialogue box. In order to move forward, you need to hit on the “Select window” icon.
  • Then, with your mouse staying over the Zoom Meeting window, left-click to capture it. While you’re choosing, a red glow will illuminate the window screen.

ApowerREC screen recorder will only capture the noise that comes from your computer’s speaker.

Your voice can also be recorded if you want to do so. Choose “System sound and microphone” by clicking the drop-down menu beside the “Speakers” symbol in the screen recorder window.

Start recording your Zoom meeting after configuration

ApowerREC will begin recording your Zoom conference after you have configured the recorder.

Once the recording process has begun. An ApowerREC window will be replaced with a tiny recorder toolbar. Pause or stop recording whenever you wish. There are buttons on the recorder toolbar that allow you to pause and stop recording.

As soon as you’ve finished recording. As a result, the recorder toolbar vanishes and you are led back to the main ApowerREC window. Select “Open Folder” from the list of choices when you right-click on the video file. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu to edit, distribute or compress the video.

This is where your computer stores all of your video recordings by default. :\users\…\Documents\Apowersoft\ApowerREC.

Implementation of Loom Chrome Extension to record a Zoom Meeting

Not interested in installing any software to capture your computer screen? Use the Loom Chrome Extension to record your Zoom Meeting. Even if the activity occurs outside of Chrome, you may capture it with Loom.

The process to Install “Loom for Chrome” Extension

  • Find the extension in the Google Chrome Web Store by searching “Loom for Chrome”.
  • Install the extension by clicking on the ‘Add to Chrome’ link on the extension’s website.
  • If you want to accept the installation, click on the “Add extension” button in the new dialogue box.
  • Upon installation, the extension’s symbol will show on the right side of the Chrome address bar.
  • It’s necessary to establish an account in order to utilise the screen recorder. Using your browser’s toolbar, click the Loom extension button. Create an account using Google, Slack, or any other method you want.

Start recording your Zoom meeting after installation

You may join Zoom Meeting by using the Zoom Desktop application on your PC.

  • When you’re ready, click the Loom symbol on your browser to start the extension.
  • The Record tab gives you three possibilities. Due to the fact that we are just interested in recording the Zoom conference screen, we’ll be selecting “screen only”.
  • From Loom’s window, click on the button labeled “Start Recording”.
  • Immediately after pressing the record button, a tiny dialogue box will display with the headline “Share your screen”.
  • In order to record the Zoom conference, select the ‘Application window’ item from the menu bar.
  • Click on the ‘Share’ option situated at the bottom of the Zoom conference screen once you’ve selected the Zoom meeting.
  • An icon-like toolbar at the bottom of your screen will appear after the recording has begun. As soon as the meeting is over and you’d like to end the recording. ‘Stop sharing’ is located in the toolbar. It’s easy to halt the recording by clicking “Pause” on your toolbar.
  • Upon stopping the recording, you will be immediately taken to your Loom account where you may see the clips you’ve recorded. To begin with, you’ll see the most recent video you’ve recorded by default.
  • In your Loom screen, select ‘My videos’ to see all of your videos. If you need to store the video clip on your computer, hit on the ‘Download’ button.

Final Words

The next time you would like to capture a Zoom conference for your own purpose, but you can’t ask the host for authorization. Then you can record the meeting using one of the tools that we’ve provided above.

As a result of the fact that you are capturing without permission. Keep in mind that it may be illegal in your country. Neither can you disclose the video with anybody else, nor can you post it openly on the web.








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