How To Reduce The Size Of Kik App Step by Step Guide 2023

Are you trying to figure out how to reduce the size of the Kik app in 2023? You may meet tens of thousands of new individuals by using the entertaining talking software Kik from all around the world. You may make live-streaming videos, send and get messages, transfer images or movies, and more.

But when you use Kik more, you’ll see that the size of the app is growing in line with your utilization. Even after clearing the Kik cache, the size doesn’t change unless the Kik data is also cleared. So, if Kik is consuming too much space in memory, what will you do?

Why is it required to reduce the size of the Kik app?

  1. Apps do affect your phone’s quality by consuming a lot of storage, albeit they aren’t the sole factor that does this. So, by making your apps smaller, you may lessen their impact on your phone.
  2. Kik could consume a significant amount of storage on your smartphone. If you make it smaller, you’ll be willing to put more items on your smartphone, which will speed up how quickly they load.
  3. Reducing the size of the app will also allow you to save more photos and videos on your smartphone. This is due to the fact that the majority of images and movies require a lot of storage.
  4. You’ll use your data plan less frequently if you scale down the size of your Kik app. You’ll spend less on your data plan as a result of doing this.
  5. The last point is that shrinking the Kik app would save you battery life. The Kik app will operate more quickly if its size is reduced, which will result in less battery consumption.

Ultimately, a fantastic method to enhance your phone is to reduce the size of your apps.

The Procedure To Make The Kik App Smaller

Here are some methods you may use to lower the size of Kik applications now that you know why it’s crucial to do so.

Meanwhile, bear in mind that substantially lowering an app’s size may have an impact on both its appearance and functionality. So pay attention to how much you are downsizing the app.

Large-format photos and videos should not be sent

Reduce your interaction with videos in the Kik app as a starting point for doing so. Additionally, larger-sized videos will necessitate more memory. This seems to be due to the fact that all applications copy the data to save as a cache when you submit such movies and the same is true with Kik.

Therefore, communicate more using text messages or photographs rather than sharing videos to prevent your app’s size from rising quickly.

Try to utilize more texts for conversation

It is advisable to use text messages over sending images and videos while messaging or talking with anyone on Kik.

Up to 2 KB of storage capacity on your device may be required to share a text message. However, sharing any type of media, including videos, pictures, memes, and interactive content, might use up to 2 MB of space. In the long term, this will unquestionably raise the size of your software.

Utilize Kik Live Camera minimally

The Kik live camera is another element on the Kik application that requires a lot of storage space. The amount of storage in your Kik application will undoubtedly rise when you utilize this.

These issues arise because this function is extremely demanding on the app. Avoid utilizing the Kik live camera for photos, movies, and conversations as much as possible.

Use live streams less on Kik, if possible

Kik has just introduced a brand-new function called “Go Live.” You’ll be able to produce videos anytime and anywhere you wish due to this. Go live on Kik if you want to be able to interact with followers and gain new followers from all around the world!

However, if we’re discussing what occurs after utilizing this tool frequently, there is no off option, therefore data stored cannot be halted once it has been captured. Furthermore, it doesn’t halt at archiving prior broadcasts; every time a user joins a Kik live stream within a 24-hour window (or for whatever length they run), the past episodes of their Livestream history are automatically added back to the server.

You can see how this takes up more room and makes the Kik app larger on your device. So, if you’d like to preserve storage space, try to broadcast less content through the Kik app.

Install Kik again can be a one more option

You can reinstall the Kik app if all other alternatives have been exhausted and it is eating up a lot of space on your smartphone. Unfortunately, when you deactivate the Kik app, all of its associated data is immediately deleted.

Your login details will be the only data you can get once the application has been reinstalled. Nevertheless, the account will remain unchanged from when you initially loaded the application on your smartphone. So, rather than completely reinstalling the program, you have the option of clearing the cache.

Attempt to clear cache in order to reduce the size

The duplicate material of every bit of information on your Kik app is deleted when you clear the cache in your Kik application. This will improve the way the Kik app works and make sure everything runs properly.

Kik’s app file size will be somewhat reduced when the caching is cleared. When you clean the cache on the Kik app, nothing on your program will be impacted and your emails and texts, and conversations will remain unaltered.

Remove hidden files and folders to reduce the size of the app

Kik has concealed files and folders that may be removed to lower the size of the app on your smartphone. Obey the instructions provided to remove Kik’s hidden folders.

  • Access the Kik application on your phone first, and then to access your account, sign in with your login details.
  • Click the Gear icon from the profile symbol on the Kik home page to facilitate the implementation in Settings.
  • You may check all the files eating up Kik’s storage space by choosing Storage from the Settings menu.
  • Then, by selecting the Empty Kik Storage option, all of Kik’s hidden files and folders will be deleted, allowing you to free up some space on your Kik messenger.


So, finally, this is all the information that you should know about reducing the size of the Kik app in 2022. If anyone has any query or suggestion related to the topic then leave a message in the comment box.