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How to Share Screen in a Webex Meeting

Cisco WebEx Meetings is a powerful video conferencing tool with numerous capabilities. Screen sharing is one of the most major characteristics of any video conferencing tool. The screen sharing feature in Webex Meetings is fantastic. This enables customers to share not just the entire screen but also specific windows. In this article, we’ll explore how to share the screen in a WebEx Meeting.

Many businesses and universities have moved to WebEx currently as a result of safety concerns about Zoom. Primarily because it’s the finest free program to Zoom, with nearly identical functionality. If you wish to share your screen, then you must first host or attend a meeting. So first and foremost, we’ll learn how to attend a WebEx meeting.

How to join a WebEx meeting using the App

Both Windows and Mac PCs can use the WebEx Meetings tool.

  • To get started, go to and look for the ‘Download for Windows’ option.
  • Now you have to open the folder where the installer has been saved. Then run the setup by clicking the webexapp.msi.
  • If the app does not start promptly after installation, you should open it on your computer. To start the software, type Cisco WebEx Meetings app into your PC’s search feature.
  • The sign-in screen will appear when you launch the WebEx app. Log in using your WebEx profile if you have one. If you don’t have a WebEx membership and need to join a meeting fast, choose the Use as guest option to attend a meeting as a guest.
  • Then, in the relevant areas, provide your name and email information and hit the Continue as guest option.
  • In the ‘Input meeting details’ area on the WebEx application panel, insert the meeting code or the meeting URL. In the application, the ‘Input meeting details’ box is located underneath the ‘Join a meeting’ area.

Making use of the meeting link

To attend the meeting, copy and paste the whole meeting URL into the field and hit the ‘Join’ tab.

Making use of the meeting number

Or you have the option to input the meeting number into the given box and then press the ‘Join’ tab.

Prior to actually entering a session, the WebEx meeting window will appear, allowing users to configure both voice and camera settings. If the presenter requests it, press the ‘Mic’ button to silence yourself, or the ‘Video’ button to shut off your video.

  • To access the conference room, use the ‘Join Meeting’ box when you’re done.
  • WebEx sessions are secure and reliable, and anybody entering the meeting requires the Hosts’ consent. The notice “You can attend the meeting when the host welcomes you” will show up until the presenter accepts you.
  • You’ll be allowed to see and speak with anyone in the conference after you’ve been authorized. On the right side of the screen, an attendees table will appear, including the identities of all meeting attendees.
  • If you want to leave then simply tap the red cross icon from the meeting settings menu to exit the meeting. Then, in the message box that opens, authenticate your identity. You’ll exit the conference room if you choose the ‘Leave meeting’ button.

Getting into a WebEx meeting is comparable to getting into a Zoom meeting. In reality, almost all of the WebEx gui features are identical to those found in Zoom. Functionality for virtual backdrop pictures to disguise your backdrop in video meetings will be absent from the WebEx Desktop client.

WebEx’s iPhone and iPad apps enable configurable backgrounds. However, the capability is not yet available in the desktop version. In Teams, Microsoft has just enabled functionality for configurable backdrop pictures. We believe the WebEx project team should address this issue as soon as feasible.

WebEx’s software for desktop and mobile devices is the finest and most dependable method to attend a conference. However, if you find yourself in a position where you must immediately attend a meeting. WebEx also offers a fully working online interface if you don’t have time to install the software on your PC.

Step-by-step instructions on how to share your screen in Webex meetings

You’ll see the meeting management bar at the side of the display after you’ve joined to a Webex conference room.

We have a ‘Share Content’ button under Meeting Management. When you click it, you’ll be given the choice to share your screen, an app window, a new notepad, or a file.

Full-screen sharing

Tap the ‘Share Content’ button to share the window. Then, to share the whole screen, choose the “Screen 1” dialog box. If you have more than one computer, they will be labeled “Screen 2,” “Screen 3,” and so on. Webex Meetings may handle up to 16 computers.

When you finally reach “Screen 1,” then the next step is to select the Share button. The screen sharing process will begin, and a screen control box will pop up in the upper middle of the window. It notifies the user that they are sharing the screen right now.

Bring your pointer to the Screen Share Control Panel to turn off screen sharing. Then select ‘Stop Sharing’ from the drop-down menu. The ‘Pause’ option is located beside the Stop Sharing box and may be used to halt a web meeting.

Share a Particular App Window with Others

You don’t even have to share your full screen if you don’t want to. It is absolutely feasible to show a single program window in a shared window.

To share a certain program window with others. To begin, go to the meeting management tab and select the share media tab. Then, from the dropdown, choose the program window.

For instance, suppose you intend to share your Firefox web browser window. In the part underneath the Share “Screen 1” area, you’ll find the Firefox share button. To start sharing the Firefox browser, hit the ‘Share’ option.


As demonstrated above, you may also select to share additional program windows. This part will display all of the apps that are presently working on your system. These are the ways to share screen in a Webex meeting.


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