How to Update Minecraft in Windows 11 – Step By Step Guide

Minecraft should auto-update, but if it doesn’t, there are some options for independently checking for updates. This guide will walk you through how to update Minecraft in Windows 11.

From its release in 2011, Minecraft has risen in importance and profitability. On consoles, desktops, and smartphones, you can play the game. Minecraft was able to maintain its position at the top of the rankings by issuing regular updates and frequently offering players fresh and intriguing content (such as new skins, challenge maps, and so on).

The utilizations of the updates are to address issues in the game, and improve operability, in addition to adding new functions and functionality. It also enhances the game’s stability and speed. As a result, it’s critical to maintain your Minecraft game up to date.

Normally, Minecraft will update to the most recent version instantly, but this does not always happen. And you will need to actively check for updates to have the game fully up to date. If your Minecraft isn’t automatically updating, this tutorial will teach you how to properly check for updates.

The Process to Update Minecraft Bedrock Edition Using Microsoft Store

  • Look for Microsoft Store in the Windows search feature to access it.
  • Select the ‘Library’ icon from the lower-left side of the MS Appstore.
  • Hit the ‘Get updates’ icon in the upper corner of the Library page.
  • The Microsoft Shop will check for updates for all of the applications and activities (including Minecraft) that you installed from the store on your pc. It will acquire and install any upgrades that are available.
  • You can attempt restarting the Microsoft Appstore if the update isn’t functioning effectively or is giving you issues. To achieve this, navigate to Windows Settings, then to the ‘Application’ box on the left sidebar, then to the ‘Apps & features’ configurations on the right.
  • Go down and choose ‘Advanced settings’ from the vertically three dots button adjacent to the ‘Microsoft Store’ app.
  • Then, slide to the bottom of the Reset area of the Microsoft Store website and select the ‘Reset’ option.

The Process to Activate the Auto-Update feature

  • If auto-update is turned off, you can activate it to have the game upgrade instantly the next time you play. Tap your Microsoft profile photo on the upper right side of the application and click ‘App settings’ to enable auto-update.
  • Then, underneath App settings, enable the ‘App updates’ checkbox.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition should be reinstalled again

If the preceding technique fails, you may always reinstall the game, which will update it to the most recent edition.

To restore Minecraft, first, go to the Windows 11 options menu. Then, on the right, pick ‘Apps & features from the ‘Apps’ category.

You’ll go down the Apps & Features tab until you discover the ‘Minecraft’ app. Then, close to ‘Minecraft,’ select the three-dots tab and pick ‘Uninstall’ to delete the program.

After you’ve removed the game, scan your computer and head to the Microsoft Store to reinstall it. If you’ve already bought the game, the license will be activated immediately when you sign in with the same profile you utilized to shop for it.

The Process to Update Minecraft Java Edition Manually

If you’re experiencing problems upgrading the Java version of Minecraft on Windows 11, you can try for the manual process to update the Minecraft installer.

To begin, run the Minecraft Installer on your pc and pick ‘Latest Release’ from the drop-down menu beside the ‘Play’ option.

If you choose this alternative, the application will download and install any patches and updates for you instantly.

Reinstall the Java Version of Minecraft

If the above technique fails, you may try reinstalling the Java version game to get the latest version.

  • To remove Minecraft: Java Edition, navigate to Windows settings, pick the ‘Apps’ section, and access the ‘Apps & features’ options as we previously demonstrated.
  • Find ‘Minecraft’ in the collection of applications in the Apps & Features option. Then, to delete the game, click the three-dots button and pick ‘Uninstall’.
  • You may remove Minecraft through Windows Explorer if it isn’t mentioned in Apps & Features. You won’t find the Minecraft program in the Apps & Features option if you’re running the Java Edition. There would just be a Minecraft installer displayed there.
  • The game will stay on the PC even if the launcher is uninstalled.
  • To totally remove the game, access File Explorer, type percent appdata percent in the path bar, then click Enter to get to the existing user’s ‘Roaming’ subfolder.
  • Then, at the top of the menu that appears, right-click the Minecraft directory and pick the ‘Delete’ (trash logo) option. You may also pick that folder and delete it by using the Delete or Shift + Delete buttons on your computer.
  • You have successfully removed the game if the ‘.minecraft’ folder is not there. After that, restart your computer. Launch the Minecraft Launchpad and sign in to your Minecraft account after rebooting the machine.
  • Then, to acquire the most recent copy of the game, hit the ‘Play’ option.
  • The Minecraft loader will acquire and install the most recent version of the game for you.

How to Repair the Minecraft Not Updating Problem

While installing or upgrading Minecraft, you may see a message on the screen “Try that again, Something went wrong” with the fault number 0x80070490. This is most likely due to a Windows update issue. You must apply the most recent Windows 11 updates to avoid this issue.

By right-clicking the Power button and picking ‘Settings,’ or by using the Windows + I combo, you may access the Windows Configuration tool. To search for the current updated Windows updates, go to Options and choose ‘Windows Update’ on the left sidebar, then Check for updates on the right.

You can now hit the ‘Download Now’ icon if any major updates are introduced and provided.

Reboot your machine after acquiring and installing Windows 11 feature updates, and then attempt updating Minecraft again. This method will most probably solve the issue.


Finally, you can use the above-mentioned tactics to monitor and install the latest Update for Minecraft in Windows 11.