How To Use FaceTime on Android 11 – Step By Step Guide

How to Use FaceTime on Android

FaceTime is Apple’s platform for video and audio communication. Using FaceTime video or voice, it allows iPhone users to interact with one another. FaceTime has always been an Apple-only feature. FaceTime was introduced by Apple in 2010, and the company hasn’t looked back since. A FaceTime connection given by an iPhone user may now be used by Android users to join a FaceTime call on their device. Today, this post describes how to use Facetime on Android.

The popularity of FaceTime has grown over the years, and it is a great success for Apple. FaceTime is now available on Android phones, thanks to Apple. FaceTime calls from an Android smartphone are still inaccessible. Those with an iPhone, iPad or Mac can, nevertheless, ask you to join a FaceTime call.

Whenever things seem to be getting comfortable, Apple likes to change things up. Apple revealed at WWDC 21 the interoperability of FaceTime on non-Apple devices. From any Android, Windows, or Linux device, you’ll be able to FaceTime with your friends and family.

Non-Apple users may only join FaceTime conversations that an Apple user has asked them to. But non-apple devices cannot start a FaceTime call. It doesn’t matter what the restrictions of FaceTime on Android or other devices are. It’s certainly a joy since the world could use a little more inclusion in all areas.

It’s your turn now if you want a buddy who uses an Android device to be included. Or maybe you want to be prepared when a buddy with an iPhone asks you to FaceTime.

FaceTime on Android without an App: How Does It Work?

Many Android users have been demanding to utilize FaceTime for a long time. It’s finally here, but without an Android app, it may not be a pleasant experience to utilize it. Things that seem to be too wonderful to be true almost always have a twist.

Unfortunately, Android phone users can only attend FaceTime calls using a web browser. Their iPhone-using friends or family members must also invite them. To engage the conversion, their friends and family will send them a Facetime link.

So, now it depends on your iPhone friends or relatives to send you an invitation for a Facetime call. Or there is no guarantee that your iPhone-owning buddy will extend you an invitation. On the plus side, you don’t have to acquire an Apple ID to join your friends through Facetime.

On Android, what is the process to join a FaceTime call through Facetime Link?

Well, receiving a FaceTime Link is the first and primary condition for joining one. For those who do not know how to establish an invitation link. To make a FaceTime link, direct them to the next portion of this article.

If you’ve already obtained a FaceTime link, just follow the steps below to get started:

  • To begin, You need to Touch on the FaceTime link you got on your Android smartphone.
  • Google Chrome on your Android smartphone will launch the FaceTime connection in a new tab. Or any other default browser of your smartphone will open it.
  • Then press the ‘Continue’ option on the FaceTime webpage.
  • To participate in a FaceTime call, you do not require an Apple ID account.
  • To utilize your Android device’s microphone and camera, FaceTime will seek approval.
  • Give permissions by clicking on the “Allow” button.
  • Then, to make the FaceTime call, touch the ‘Join’ option and wait for the FaceTime link maker to let you in.
  • Select the ‘Leave’ icon in the top right of the screen to end the conversation.

What is the process of making an iPhone FaceTime Link?

A friend or loved one must know how to make one facetime link before they may send you it. If they don’t know how to accomplish it, send them to this area of the article.

  • FaceTime may be accessed from the iPhone’s start menu.
  • Establish a FaceTime link by tapping the “Create Link” icon. If you do this, your non-iPhone friends or family members can join your FaceTime call.
  • You are required to assign a name to your conversation. For that, touch on “Add Button”.
  • Now, you can add any of your desired names in the box and hit the “OK” button.
  • The next step is to select an app from the list.
  • It’s also possible to use the ‘Copy’ option to copy the link to your clipboard. Then you can share it manually using any program of your choosing.
  • Once you have successfully shared your Facetime link. It will appear in the ‘UPCOMING’ section of your FaceTime app.
  • It’s as simple as tapping the FaceTime link to begin the call.
  • In order to participate in the FaceTime call, hit on the ‘Join’ tab in the upper right corner of the screen. As soon as someone with a FaceTime Link wants to join your chat, you will get an alert.
  • You can refuse or allow their permission to join by pressing on the corresponding tabs on the toolbar.

For Android smartphones, below is a list of some substitutes to iPhone FaceTime:

Google Hangouts

In addition to real-time chat sessions and video, Google Hangouts is connected to your Google ID. Up to ten individuals can participate in a chat on the site. Hangouts have a benefit over FaceTime when it comes to data preservation. A Hangouts user may call another Hangouts user for free by calling their number.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a good and simple option to FaceTiming for Android users. On Android, you can quickly download Google Duo by visiting the Google Play Store.

Facebook Messenger

In the Android world, FaceTime’s closest competitor is Facebook Messenger, which is arguably the simplest to use. Many individuals use Facebook, including most of your friends (probably). However, despite the fact that the app is huge and irritating, it is still functioning. Finally, Messenger Lite included video chat functionality. The Lite version is the one we suggest you explore next.


Once Apple will release iOS 15 in a stable form, everyone will be able to utilize FaceTime to communicate no matter what operating system they employ!







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