• spammy backlink checker
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    spammy backlink checker

    Getting quality backlinks to your site is a great way to raise your page rank and get more visibility in search results.One way to get better back links is to check out your competition and see where they are getting their links. You can easily find out what back links your competition has by using on the many tools on the market.  Checking back links also has a significant role to play in outreach campaigns. By finding a competitor’s links, you can target websites that may be on the lookout for updating their resources and references. Why you need back link checker tools: When any website links to your site or any…

  • wordpress theme under 70 kb
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    wordpress theme under 70 kb

    You will only make money from your site if your traffic converts. Otherwise, all the time and money you spend generating traffic is a waste.Converting doesn’t always have to mean a sale. It might mean subscribing to your email list or clicking on an advertisement. Everyone wants a high conversion rate. But here’s the shocker: If your website’s page speed is slow well then most of your visitors will hit the back button and never come back. And if people don’t stay on your website, there’s no way they will ever convert. Simple as that. As you will learn in the later section, your WordPress site’s theme makes a huge…

  • Best Websites For Web Designers And Web Developers
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    best websites for web designers and web developers

    In the world of web development, those who become experts usually do so by learning from their predecessors. Reading and following the right web development blogs makes it much easier to get a solid education. That’s why in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top web development blogs that will help you find your footing and acquire essential skills in modern web dev. There is a lot of information out there about website design and development. There are a lot of ideas, opinions, comments, and content. There is also a lot of noise and it can be difficult knowing where to find the best information to help you develop your…

  • Most Popular Frameworks for UI developers
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    Most Popular Frameworks for UI developers

    Each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses, and specific areas of application, allowing you to choose based on the needs of a specific project. For example, if your project is simple, there’s no need to use a complex framework. Also, many of the options are modular, allowing you to use only the components you need, or even mix components from different front-end frameworks. The front-end frameworks I’m going to explore are presented based on their GitHub popularity, beginning with the most popular, which is, of course, Bootstrap. Note that some of the information below will go out of date from the time of publication – such as GitHub stars…