what is python used for ?

Python lets you develop a web application without much trouble. It has libraries for internet protocols like HTML and XML, JSON, e-mail processing, IMAP, FTP and easy-to-use socket interface. The package…
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Convert Strings into Integers in Python

Just like the str() built-in, Python also offers a handy built-in which takes a String object as an argument and returns the corresponding integer object. Example [crayon-5dabd4865dd6f225196454/] Output [crayon-5dabd4865dd74429308557/]  
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python not equal operator

Python, not equal operator returns True if two variables are of the same type and have different values, if the values are same then it returns False. Python is dynamic and strongly…
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Python Substring examples

Create a Substring We can create a substring using string slicing. We can use split() function to create a list of substrings based on specified delimiter.   [crayon-5dabd4865e15a129769292/] [crayon-5dabd4865e15d015422825/] Count…
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python zip function

If you are a regular computer user, you should have used the .zip file extension. Do you know what it is? Basically, .zip is a container itself. It holds the real file…
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