Top 10 Demand Programming Languages In 2020

There is a high demand for developers in modern technology because of changes that occur daily in technology. A good programmer must have fluency in coding. It is required to have significant knowledge of programming.

There is also an increase in programming language offered today so let’s discuss some programming language that is important and learning a new programming language is always meant to be an investment to your brain and skills.



Python is an open-source and high-level programming language that provides based Web development. As python is a famous and growing very dynamically with an investment of Google. The python provides building up of Web and desktop-based applications. Python is a machine-independent language and must rely on their network servers.


They have a GUI based desktop application. Python is mostly used in huge businesses and enterprises, and also in data science. The companies using python as there programming language are Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, Facebook. This is termed to be the best programming language one can learn in 2020.



Java is a platform-independent programming language. It is most popular among the developer’s community dues to there cross-platform compatibility. They are robust and Scientific applications are managed by java.


It can be used to develop both Web-based and desktop-based applications. They are widely used in banking and financial services to main high data security. It is used in the development of various applications including mobile applications such as games. This is popular due to its programming write once run anywhere.



JavaScript is a front end programming language allowing it to build interactive websites. These provide the development of Web apps and game applications. They have several extensions like Grease monkey which has additional functionality.


This is a favorite programming language and can be found very easily in many applications. They work very efficiently with other programming languages. The node.js is server-side scripting that provides dynamic Web pages before a page is sent to the web browser.



PHP is probably the most preferred programming language as it takes almost 83% website on the Internet to make use of PHP programming. The most popular website WordPress and Facebook make use of PHP. They create Web pages that are written in HTML. They comprise of Web development. This is a must learned programming language.



C is a high-level machine dependent programming language. C was originally developed and implemented in the Unix operating system. C is a procedural and structured programming language. The extension of C is called C++ or it also refers to C with classes.


C++ is an object-oriented programming language with rich libraries. They are more flexible and are highly efficient with there performance and reliability. Whereas C supports structural programming. C was a basic programming language and has written operating systems and all the complex concepts are handled by C.



C# is similar to the C programming language. Due to its rich and vast libraries, they are easy to debug and executed faster. They are integrated with the. Net framework. They provide game development services.


Windows 8 and 10 are completely on C# programming. They are used even in VR games. Also used in the development of Microsoft apps. Expert in java can easily learn has quick compiling and execution times. They work with shared codes.



Golang is a statically typed programing language and they are open source so it can be simple, reliable and easier to use and build many Softwares this is Google’s own programming language. They termed it to be concurrent programming as it may run multiple processes simultaneously.


They exclusively use multithreading so it is been used by most of the companies which have distributed systems. To learn Valley-based startup one has to master in Golang.



Swift was developed by Apple company. They are easy to read and can be learned easily. They are used for general purposes. They can be used to develop apple applications.

Swift is designed to work with there cocoa touch framework and object C code written in works with swift to develop apple software. These are meant to be an industrial programming language.



Kotlin is the latest programming language with open source which enables java virtual machine with streamlined android development. It has many features that are similar to java such as object-oriented and solve problems that java does.


It is statically typed, general-purpose programming language they are more enriched than java. They have a similar structure just as in java and it compiles to JavaScript for there source code. There is a clean and simple syntax in Kolin.



R is the most popular and open-source programming language. It is compatible to run with different platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows operating systems. R  language is static, popular among statisticians and researchers containing over 4000 packages.


R is a data analysis software also used for data analysis and predictive modeling. You can analyze data by writing scripts in R programming language. R has an open interface, it can readily integrate with any applications.



Python and JavaScript are easier to learn and cope up with so they are considered to be the best programming language. To start learning with programming going with python and JavaScript is recommended to startups.

They are a great impact on the market so you can get high-value income from learning and making them your proficiency. If want to join the corporate world then java and PHP are meant for you. For low level and latency, the choice is c/c++ or Golang.

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