How To Split Screen In Sublime Text Editor 2020

How to use sublime text?

The sublime text editor is a complex text editor which is generally used among developers. There have lots of features such as Auto indentation, Syntax highlights,  Sidebar, Macros and many more that make it simple for working with the codebase. There are numerous text editors accessible such as Sublime Text, VS Code, Notepad++, and so on.
The sublime text editor is one of the best text editors. This text editor fulfills the entire requirement of programming. It is a cross-platform way code editor with Python API. This text editor makes you prosperous to use it in your software development programs.
The major reason why various developers like Sublime Text because it enables you to allocate the screen into two workspaces and it also enables you to open two files simultaneously. The interface has a thoughtful impression and you can customize the colors of the background or text. In extension, you can also allow the sidebar to adequately manage the directory of your projects.
The fundamental advantage it gives you is that you can try it for free indefinitely. Moreover, you can use its autocomplete process to work quickly. You can enjoy programming with Sublime Text. It is a profitable and portable software.
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How To Split Screen In Sublime Text Editor?

Every one love sublime in these days. Sublime Text supports multiple view panes. Panes split the window into vertical and horizontal views that contain document tabs. Each pane can contain multiple tabs.

The views are independent but joined together. They are two (or more) views on the same text buffer and all views are updated as one pane is modified (it is not necessary to save the document to update the other views).


sublime text split screen

for split-screen

View > Layout > 2 Columns
File > Clone File

Sublime Text contains various optical themes, with the choice to download extra themes and configure traditional themes through third-party plugins. When you’re building something in a text editor, you’ll always find yourself needing to jump your cursor to another direction in your text.
Sublime supports several programming languages that very helpful to your work. This text editor is performing an extremely good job as it gives a lot of features and shortcuts keys for making the work simpler and profitable. Through this text editor, your job or work takes another level and you can enjoy your programming work. For your better work, I recommend this editor.

How to make Sublime default text editor in Windows 10?

First go to the windows settings menu, click on the Apps settings. From there click Default Apps, scroll down until you see “choose default app by file type”. Click that option, then scroll to the file extension “.txt”, and click the gray plus arrow beside it and select sublime text.

How To download Sublime text editor for Windows or Mac?

Go to  and download.

Sublime Text 3 is the current version of Sublime Text. For bleeding-edge releases, see the dev builds.

Version: Build 3211

  • OS X (10.7 or later is required)
  • Windows – also available as a portable version
  • Windows 64 bit – also available as a portable version
  • Linux repos – also available as a 64 bit or 32 bit tarball


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