Things You Should Know When You Want To Rank Up On Google

In today’s generation level of competition is too high and In competition’s world, everyone wants to become first. Everyone is trouble for the website to rank up on Google. If you know about great tricks to rank up your website then its too easy and if you don’t know then this article is specially written for you. Here, we bring great tricks to rank on Google.


Content Is Key

Content is a general word which is used to define the graphics, texts, audio, video or many informative elements in the website. In content, you should give a good description or intro and conclusion. The conclusion is a summary of your article.

Good content gives the visitor a motive to visit your website leads them to immerse on your website and become your customer. First of all, good content represents the visitor about the way of your website.

Content Writing is just creating content for the website, blogs, social networks etc.· A good content writing is helpful for search device optimisation that is, making the rank of the website higher. Developing content and posting to your website is the favourable way to reach your possible customers.

In the first phase, the content writer has to search the keywords that will boost him to reach the audience. Once they nicely set keywords they have traffic to their websites, the writer could develop content around those content and optimize it for search devices like Google.


Get the best keyword with volume

First, You should get the best keyword with high volume. If you operate a website, you are maybe aware of the importance of using the right keywords. You need to know which terms and words people search for in your subject area, then pinch your content accordingly.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is primarily designed to help users create Google ads that will find their target demand. Google has divided the tool into two categories: Find new keywords and get search volume and projections.



A vital feature of SEO is making your website understandable for both users and search device robots. SEO helps the engines figure out what a personal page is all about, and how it may be useful for users. SEO marketing is more essential than ever. It helps millions of users per day peeking for answers to their problems or for solutions to their problems. Search engine optimization is important for the ranking on Google.


Drop the keyword in the 1st 100 words

You should drop the keyboard in the first hundred words. The favourable place to start arranging keywords in an article is within the first hundred words. Placing a keyword near the middle of the article confirms that Google has an easier time understanding the topic and applicability of the article.


Outbound links

The next steps are you should use outbound links. Outbound links are the major source of giving rise to more attention to your website. There are a lot of people who make the fault of not including links to other websites.  If you want traffic on your article and efficiency on your website, then you make sure that the descriptions are elegant and informational. They should excite the viewer’s interest within the 150-word limit.


Use images on your website

The other step is you should use images on your post. Guarantee that the images on your website have file names which contain the target keyword. Also, your target keyword should be part of your picture’s Alt Text. This will improve access for your article and also establish a clearer image for the search engines to the applicability of your article.

Pictures are an important factor of any website. Optimizing your pictures should naturally upgrade your ranking. Also, your picture will get a high rank in Google image search.


Use a long tail keyword

Next step is you should use a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords are more targeted and less active than short term keywords. Long-tail keywords are higher and more particular keyword phrases that guests are more possible to use when they’re nearer to a point of purchase or when they are using voice search. They are a little counter-intuitive, at first, but they can be hugely important if you know how to use them.


Always be active on social media

Although Google doesn’t wait for much stock in social media as distant as ranking is concerned, you can actually improve your site’s favour and traffic by being active on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and other social apps. The more you post links to your blogs on social networks, the higher the opportunity people will stay your blog, thus increasing traffic. Google updates its search algorithm often.


Mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-friendly websites should produce on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones in a user-friendly way. So if you are keeping your page with good content, maintaining your domain clear of any tricky shortcuts, and concentrating on low-competition keywords that will produce your online authority and most important be patient.


Domain age checker

Today there are many ways on how to check domain name before posting your website. You should use a majority domain age checker if you want to check out how old is a website, so just use domain expiry age checker to find out when it ends. If you are thinking about how to find out when a website was developed, you can use domain signup date checker.

The process of checking is related to the one you do when checking a used auto; you have to get a notification on when a website was developed, its fame, SEO methods used and its traffic before buying yourself an aged domain.

As a rule, domain age checker tools express your domain name registration, domain date update and the expiration date. But there is a lot of knowledge you should know about your domain, check IP, the name of the web hosting organization, web archive history. Using domain name checker is very easy. Enter your domain URL into the search box. Click on the check button. In a few seconds, you will get all the required information.




If you really want to get a brand new website ranked then remember this method which mentioned in this article are important to that end. What Google considers significant or valid is what the visitors accept.

If anything I missed then please write it down in the comment section and share.

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