Top 10+ Advanced Tasker Profiles 2021-22 (Automate Everything)

Are you a kind of person who adores automation of tasks or every stuff you can? From self-driven automatic cars to the evolving AI making it easy for even everything in your home to be automated. You can now experience automation in your phones too from Google’s assistant in Android and Siri in iOS. These automated tasks that are carried out on Android can be defined as Tasker Profiles. Any Tasker can make it easy for you to automate everything with your smartphone only. Tasker is eventually one of the best automation apps that can help you do wonders if handled properly. However handling such apps is never an easy task.


What is a Tasker App?

It is an app developed for adjusting tasks in Android and help to finish the daily simple tasks appropriately without a fail. You can use this task manager kind of app, however, it is a paid task manager developed for Android. It has received high ratings from the user and have a grand user base. Let us now check out what are the tasks that tasker profile can manage.


List Of  Advanced Tasker Profiles 2021

Set Sleeping Timer

Due to the hectic schedule, it is sometimes difficult for us to get a timely sleep and to attain this; we often take help of music that makes us feel sleepy. But after playing the songs, when we fall asleep, music continue to playing. This might drain the battery of device. Nevertheless, this tasker profile will help you manage this situation. You can set a timer after which the songs will automatically stop.


Turn on flashlight by shaking phone

Often we are stuck in some situation where we need to use the light as soon as possible but due to circumstances, it can happen that the illumination is not possible. In such case, without panicking or troubling yourself, you can turn on the flashlight of your smartphone, simply by shaking it. But for that first download Tesla Flashlight on your device and then you can utilize it accordingly.


Emergency texts

We all must have been in a situation, where we have to send text urgently to someone but we do not have enough time to write a long one. This might happen because we are in meeting, phone is running out of battery or we are in some trouble. In such case, we require emergency text feasibility that can make the task quite easy. Just create a profile, select power option in state, choose battery level, add a new task, go to phone, and enter the number to whom you want to send message and type and send.


Auto rotation automatically in app opening

There are different mobile apps that are accessible in the landscape mode, you can do this by tasker. Just create a new profile, select app, choose favorite app, and select the auto-rotation turned on. Now create new task, press +, select display, choose auto rotate display and turn it on. This way you can use the landscape mode for the apps you want.


Read message on drive

When you are driving a vehicle it is neither feasible nor suitable to read the messages or attend the calls. The tasker app has a great solution with its one of the best Ztasker profiles. Go to event, select phone, select received message, go to applications, click home or car, add new task, select +, choose misc button, choose say option. Enter %SMSRF, and %SMSRB.


Turn on or off 3G data

With the tasker profile you are not required to go to settings to turn on your phone’s data. It is possible with the tasker profile. Anywhere in empty screen, press for at least 2 seconds, you’ll find a widget. Search tasker, go to profile, select 3G toggle task. Save widget with green tick. Now change the icon as you wish.


Shake and lock your phone

Want to lock your phone at its easiest, try this tasker profile. You can do it just by shaking the device. You need to create new profile, go to events, select hit sensor, and select shake. Enter preference, create new task, add +, and now click on display and select system lock.


Unauthorized alert

This says, when someone touches personal stuff on your phone, it will alert you. This is a helpful tasker profile for restricting people access what you don’t want them to. Create profile, go to applications, select apps, create new task, set action 1 to go to home screen. Now go to alert and select the tone.


Battery charged alert

This alert will notify you as soon as your phone battery charges to be full. You can do this quite easily, following few steps. Go to profile, select event, click on power, and select full battery option. Adjust the limit of batter as per choice. Create new task, select alert, & notify, then type disconnect charger. With this, you are done with getting notified.


Call forwarding and blocking at night

It seems very annoying when someone calls you at night since it can be obstruction in your healthy sleep. You can avoid this using one of the best tasker profiles. Just go to tasker profile, select event, now navigate to time, adjust time within 00:00 to 7:00, create new task, add + option, select phone calls, no divert call or block it by selecting option.


Random wallpapers switch

With this tasker profile, you can change or switch among the random wallpapers on your phone. You need to follow few simple steps and you are ready to flaunt your smartphone. Go to profile, then create new task, add +, name it as wallpaper switch, add it in task section, create new image folder, select script action, append the codes and set the code. Now your smartphone will regularly show up different wallpapers and others will surely get attracted to your skill.


There are many other different tasker profiles that you can learn about. The above-mentioned are some of the daily life task we used to do. Inculcating tasker in life can help make several tasks easy with the automation.

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