Top 10 VPN Extensions for Google Chrome With Ratings

An extension is a kind of software module that is utilized majorly for the customization of a browser over the web like Google Chrome. There are basically a plethora of extensions available for a browser like that of modifications of UI, cookie management, and others. These extensions are built basically by technologies like HTML, JS, and CSS. When you are using a browser, a site collects multiple of information about a user. Thus using a browser that is unprotected might lead you to lose your personal information. For this, there are VPN extensions that help you encrypt the traffic over your browser so that unauthorized users could not make access to your data.

We have gathered a list of top 10 VPN extensions for Google Chrome that are mentioned along with the ratings given by the user-




Touch VPN- secure and unlimited VPN proxy

Ratings – 4.6 | By 68,779

Touch VPN can be accessed for free and unlimited with high security. Touch can be considered as one of the best VPN extensions for Google Chrome and it is very easy to use. You can connect this extension with any of the servers from the U.K., Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, France, and the U.S. It simply unblocks the websites and you get access with just one click of the connect button.


Hola VPN – Free VPN proxy

Ratings – 4.9 | By 3, 46,673

Hola VPN is another best VPN extension for Google Chrome that is quite easy to use just with a single click. It is believed to be one of the fastest website unblocking VPN. It is available as a freemium model and can be accessed through the app and web browser. In order to get the benefit of high encryption, privacy along with the security you just need to upgrade yourself to Plus member.


SaferVPN Proxy – Free & Fast Privacy

Ratings- 4.5 | By 20,791

SaferVPN is widely known for its simplicity and it is quite easy to use. It is one of the best VPN extension for Google Chrome that is very fast in response and also simplest. SaferVPN offers you no ads and no logs while using. When you are looking for a solution to get your data safe from hackers and to encrypt the same, SaferVPN is the right choice.


iNinja VPN

Ratings –4.6 | By 7,731

With iNinja VPN you can open any website limitlessly while staying anonymous to the user. The VPN is 100 % available for free and gets open very fast without showing you any kind of ads which makes it the best VPN extension for Google chrome. With iNinja enjoy secured access to your data transfer even when using a Wi-Fi network. The best thing about it is that it gives you good speed enough to stream online or download whenever and wherever you want.


uVPN – Free and unlimited VPN for everyone

Ratings – 4.8 | By 14,738

While using VPN you can use any website by staying anonymous to the owner and it helps you do the thing in a secure manner. It gives you fast and limitless access without any kind of restrictions and is makes it one of the best VPN extensions for Google Chrome. VPN is available for free and it also gives you a free trial of a one-week subscription. This extension helps you to remain safe while using your internet chrome browser.


Ratings – 3.7 | By 9,343

DotVPN is quite easy and free to use while staying secured over the internet browser. With this VPN extension, you can keep all your online activity private. It has been considered a highly useful tool to use. With just one tap you can get connected with the VPN of any country. The free plan of the extension helps you access the entire sites with just a single extension. This VPN is compatible to Firefox and Opera along with the Google Chrome browser.


Hotspot Shield

Ratings – 4.4 | By 67,015

Hotspot shield has got a lot of incredible features and you can use it even if you haven’t heard of it before. Along with being a VPN, the extension works as an adblocker too. The extension is completely free to download for your PCs or your web browsers. You can use it to keep your personal information safe, for high-level security to get access to your desired web content.  The premium version of the extension is also available to get access to upgraded features.



Ratings – 4.4 | By 29,844

It has been a popular and best VPN extension for google chrome which gives free access to the users. It does not ask for any log details and other information from the user and that’s why people like to install it on their chrome browsers. All you have to do to install it is a click and you can enjoy this extension for free throughout the lifetime. It also never shows you ads which is again a great feature. It also gives you unlimited access to the internet and you can stay anonymous.



Ratings – 4.7 | By 17,312

Windscribe VPN will help you hide your location and identity. IT is a browser extension that will block ads and provide you access to the blocked content in order to keep your privacy over the internet. It’s an extension that gives you ads and trackers blocking options. You can block the trackers of social media sites. You can manage the browser to not send you notifications also can delete cookies.

ZenMate VPN

Ratings – 3.8 | By 35,036

ZenMate has been an amazing best and free VPN extension to cover your IP address. You can get unlimited bandwidth with this VPN and provides fast connecting speed. also, use it to keep yourself anonymous and browse the internet limitlessly. You can experience unlimited bandwidth even when you are using public Wi-Fi.

In order to pick the best VPN extension for google chrome, you must check the security features and what extras you get to block. Just take the help from these top 10 VPN extensions to pick out one for you.

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