Top 10 Website to purchase excellent Web templates

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Merchandising the new web designs of themes and templates directly to the public is difficult and complex. Even if you are a creative professional, a novice and artist, a web designer and a graphic designer somewhere it is booming at a fast rate but also a time consuming and needs dominating towards it.

Firstly, it takes an enormous amount of money to invest and also taking time for your brand awareness to extend your sales to a huge awareness and demand in people.


But, Now what if you are all set to sell your templates and themes. Several queries are raised at this stage in our mind to considering where to sell or which marketplace is actually giving you more exposure in addition to a good number of sales. For many businesses, however, more comprehensive customization will be needed, which is where a developer/site builder is required.

Selling online these days it’s become easily accessible for that investing huge money is not at all required and your time to create an online store.


Website to purchase excellent Web templates



This is the leading platform to sell your website. A theme will generally be chosen based on how it looks, and what it claims to be able to do. At theme forest, it offers easy on the eye selling and buying HTML templates and buying, in addition, CMS products like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Flash and photoshop templates.

Being in demand this marketplace has numbers of the huge variety of designs where you can sell and buy your Desired templates and items. Pricing depends on your designs of themes and templates whether or not it is as exclusive using rates between it takes $5 to $59. Even you can search here the full payment plan of the payment rates and also provides legal information.

Theme forest has loud traffic of people’s which offers you an engaging crowd on your website. Basically, a theme forest is a hub of themes.



Template monster has a vast variety of HTML templates, WordPress and e-commerce themes web graphics stock photography and digital goods. Blazingly fast-selling template and themes, built to get more traffic, more subscribers, more clients for you. It offers you 50,000 items which you can sell and buy too.

This is found to be a great trusting place to find web templates and themes. Themes and templates are regularly get updated on the website. They are beginner-friendly, which supports you to work simply and easily.



Creative Market is a marketplace that is a type of community of selling things offering creative unique talent in the field of art, design music, interior design, and architecture at online.

Combine that with the fickleness of word ‘marketing’ it comprises all kinds of community-generated assets offering graphics, WordPress themes, stock, photography and other digital goods which use by web creatives. With 250,000 purchasable items, it has over one million users.



Scripteden is an online theme marketing site that enables you to build your own identity and show your skills. It is a modern responsive design that is customizable.

At scripteden it has 64 products that help you selling and buying your Creative HTML templates. Usually, it is for writer, designer, and developer to sell themes using the scripteden’s CSS and Html adding their own styles and additions.



At Templatic, it serves for the supremely easy requirement to configure the script for HTML and CSS themes and no copyright problems. For designers, it offers 65% of sales.

The theme provides a clean code, full responsive look. It is easy, straight forward and affordable to access. It is specialized for accepting business solutions in a form of WORDPRESS themes. Templamatic guaranteed top-notch support via their helpdesk. It is one of the most advanced WordPress theme development company.

Templamatic also offers the best WordPress video themes to create your own video portal like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.



Theme planet has a huge variety of developed online theme marketplace which sells a wide variety of themes like WordPress, Magneto, Shopify at great prices. It pays $5 to authors for the original template or for themes. It set up easily with you using customizer and custom front page. Theme planet allows for total flexibility and control. You can easily create your own store here and create your themes and templates.



If you are looking for a professional website template for your new web projects, gray grids are the right place to get templates and themes cautiously crafted by experienced designers and developers. Search your most desired themes and template from the wide collection and build your professional website.

Graygrids have 38000+ subscribers because they have a plethora of free business website templates and options on the market when it comes to the website builders.



Bootstrap made provides a clean code, full responsive look. Bootstrap is free and open-source which is the frontend equivalent of WordPress. It is the leveraging of a small initial effort into something larger and more significant.

Bootstrap has a large following of developers and designers. At bootstrap, it presents 2 million+ digital assets, design resources, themes and templates with unlimited downloads.



Flashden has flash template and themes which involves premade flash websites or flash components such as flash banner, flash intro, flash menu, and preloader.

It owned by the same network as theme forest also operates in a similar way. It would sell items compatible with abode flash players,a plugin used by almost every website on the internet at the time. It also opportunities you with audio and video files.



eBay is one of the most leading in selling creative WordPress themes. At eBay, they have 50 million + graphics, designs, templates and themes and items sold by this year.
They also make you assure by the money-back guarantee. This is the perfect choice to sell anything, anything with no worries. There are currently 167 million users on eBay. To create a product for a listing template it requires information like title, description and so on.


   At colorlib , it has specific WordPress themes resources which online serves over 1 million pageviews each month. Colorlib you can search here free and premium themes that are reviewed and tested for the people’s making sure the users will find the right theme. It has 40 million + users and developers.



These are the specified websites to sell and purchase themes and templates over. Please let us know if you sold themes and templates through any of these websites. How you feel share your experience with us. If you have something more let us know. Please like and share your comments on our page.

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