Top 10 WinRAR Password Unlocker Software Free Download 2021-22

A RAR password unlocker is software that allows you to unlock your RAR archives that you have kept safe by password protection. Remembering so many passwords in digital world can be a typical task and it is quite common if you skip one out of your mind. You cannot write and leave your passwords here and there randomly since there is a big risk in that of losing some confidential data or figures to someone you don’t want to.


However, what you can do in such situations when it gets difficult to recover your password that you have set for RAR archive. There are numerous software, one can use as RAR password unlocker and access their rar archives. Today you are going to learn what some best-handpicked software of those is available as a myriad. Let us take a deep dive into that myriad.


List WinRAR Password Unlocker Software Free


RAR Password Unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker is a great software if you are looking to find some solution to open your password protected rar archives but forgotten the password. It offers you many parameters using which you can unlock the rar archive quickly.

There is no data loss if you use this software for unlock. It serves you three attack modes and you can recover your password using SSE technology. What comes with pros always have some cons too and in this case it is that this software does not work with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.


KRyLAck RAR Password Recovery

This RAR password unlocker software allows you to recover your lost password for ZIP, RAR, and ACE archives. It offers you a convenient user interface that users can easily access. It offers easy drag and drop feature.

The software support self-extracting archives. KRyLACK is customizable software. You get an extract tool for RAR, ZIP, and ACE. It allows automatic updates in the software. The software works on Brute-Force method.


Accent RAR Password Recovery

Accent RAR is a handy, useful and optimized method to unlock your password encrypted RAR and other archive files. It does not require any special command or language to make this software work and it is one of the best features offered by this software. It depends upon a macro language allowing users to utilize dictionary defined by them. It supports Windows OS and support only RAR3 and RAR4 formats.


iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer

iSumsoft is an excellent software that help you recover the forgotten passwords of your rar archives or lost ones. You get 4 brilliant password attacks with this that assures you of the password recovery rate.

The RAR password unlocker is easy to use and install. You do not need to learn to use it even if you are a first time user on the platform. However, even if this software provides assurance but it is a bit slow in processing and might take a week for 8 character long password.


ScrewSoft RAR Password Unlocker

ScrewSoft can work great when you are looking for an efficient RAR password unlocker. You can surely recover your lost or forgotten RAR passwords with this. It follows GPU acceleration and a multi-core CPU methodology to fasten up the recovery process. You can recover your password easily. You can use the trial version of the software first. The software is not available for Windows 8 and 10.



Ultimate ZIP Cracker

It works great when it comes to proving its skills for helping you recover your archive passwords and it offers you a faster recovery of your lost archive passwords. The software uses highly efficient searching methods like Password Wizard that allows you for easy password unlock. It utilizes Brute Force attack and works great with files like documents, office95 2010 and other similar.


Intelore RAR Password Recovery

Intelore can help you to unlock your archives password with the Brute Force attack method, Boost Up method or with other attacks defined by the user-defined dictionary. The software offers 3000 password recovery every second. It gives you more speed when used Boost-Up attack. Users get a user-friendly interface to recover password. Intelore supports Windows based systems.


Atomic RAR Password Recovery

It is developed to help you recover your lost passwords for RAR archives. It offers a great performance in recovering lost or forgotten passwords. However, productivity i.e. speed of the software will vary with the version of the available archive file. It works faster when used for old versions files. It is best suited for passwords that are under 5 characters. It will also exploit Brute Force to search the password. The password is however unable to recover instantly.


Asunsoft RAR Password Geeker

Asunsoft RAR Password Geeker can help you to unlock your RAR archive files that are password encrypted. It will help you unlock the file within few minutes only and you can use here any multi-core to boost the recovery process.

If the process is suspended, it will resume itself for the next time. Once the recovery is done, computer is shut down automatically. You can use it freely and it offers you an instant tech support.


Appnimi RAR Password Unlocker

If there is some old RAR archive, whose password you have forgotten Appnimi is the software that you need. It will surely help you restore the password by bypass RAR password. You can easily install and use this password unlocker.

You can use this software by just drag & drop of the file to your program window. You can start, pause, resume, or even stop the unlocking of password whenever you want.


It will be clear enough to you about how you can unlock your encrypted RAR files whose passwords you have lost or do not remember.

All of these RAR password unlocker are available online for easy download. You are just a step away from recovering your archives, so what are you waiting for? Go and install any of these in your system and start working back again. Let us know how your experience was when you use any software out of these.

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