Top 10 Similar Website Like Codepen [ Updated April 2021]

CodePen is one of the largest community providers for web designers and developers to show their expertise in coding. It is an open-source learning environment where you can create code snippets. It functions as an online code editor.

CodePen is used for testing and showing the user-created HTML, CSS and JavaScript code in the editor. There are even many alternatives to the website like CodePen lets see further.

Similar Website Like Codepen

Using CodePen Web developers and front-end developers can play with the code with instantly varying in code. It is an online-based editor using this you can build your project, seek knowledge and learn from other codes and share your knowledge.

Many people use CodePen to show off their designs and develop a sort of resume and portfolio. Let’s see some other websites like CodePen.


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Codeply is a front end editor that works with HTML, CSS, JS editor making development more easier with the preferred framework. Codeply is integrated with many popular frameworks such as bootstrap, Vue, Angular, Foundation much more.

This unique feature of Codeply help to learn, prototype, test and build any framework using code. Codeply is supported by many developers to execute their code and look out to solve the challenges faced by them. It has up to 40000+ real-world examples, code snippets and templates.

You can choose from various available libraries, snippets, and layouts directly from the editor itself.



JSitor is a free online-based editor used for writing, executing and sharing of Web and nodeJS code snippets. It is termed to be non-profitable editor no adds displayed so you can run on multiple windows. It uses Monaco editor which is a more stable editor.

Monaco editor was developed by Microsoft and it was used in VSCode. This editor also shows a quick console log there is no need to open devTools which acquire half of the editor space.



Codesandbox is a free editor who works on React. It is an online-based editor capable of sharing projects using React. This editor focuses on transpiring, bundling and management so it is easier to create a new project with a single click.

After creating a new project you can directly share with others using URL. It shows the preview of the results as you type.

It works fine with all JavaScript projects. If you wish to download your project just you need to enter the download button, it gets downloaded into the React – the app-templates folder which contains a zip file with package.json and index.html files get generated.



Liveweave is an HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor that can test and run the code with preview and can also share your creations. Here it seems to be a playground for the web designers and the developers. It comes with the resizable panel you can write the code freely.

Liveweave has a built-in context-sensitive code for HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS3, and jquery which could be easily understood. It allows you to save the project in the cloud.

You can download projects in .zip file. You can go with color pallette and edit on a full screen. It provides different layouts and night vision for an enhanced look.



JSfiddle is an online open-source editor is used by many Web developers. Using the JSfiddle you accept the guidelines of the website that you are sharing your code with everyone. Anyone can take your code change it and run in the editor but the main original code cannot be changed it remains the same.

JSfiddle is designed to serve HTML, CSS, JS page into visual effect with four frames that correspond to the editable HTML, JS and CSS in bottom results are displayed. This editor is a smart editor and most popular among the programmers.

With its new updated version, JSfiddle uses codemirror for editable concepts such as a multi cursor, syntax highlighting, indentation, autocompletion, code/text editing various other functions are carried out. The sidebar allows integrating external CSS with stylesheets and external js libraries.



Jsbin is an open-source web debugging tool. When you write the code in JSbin you can see the full preview during the real-time itself. You can share your code with other people writing HTML, CSS, and JS. Remote rendering feature in JSbin allows seeing the output on any platform which is updating in real-time. Different processes used in JSbin are CoffeeScript, LESS, MARK, and jade. To debug it requires Ajax calls.



Plunker is a collaborative platform used to create and share the code in web development. Plunker is designed to increase speed so that it launches the editor in seconds. It is very well described and easy to use. The collaboration includes forking and commenting in the Plunker is allowed to experience the coding issues. Plunker can customize the code of syntax and code is lining as you type it. Live previewing of the code can be seen in Plunker.



HTML pen opts for the goal to make the web development and sharing of code more powerful with HTML. When programmers utilized HTML with CSS  and JAVASCRIPT it can create code to the next level. This HTML provides better learning criteria for students with live previewing.



Web maker is an open-source, free to use, offline editor. It can be used as a web app as well as a chrome extension. It has an inbuilt console with supporting preprocessors such as for HTML it uses Markdown and pug, for CSS it uses SCSS, LESS & stylus, atomic CSS, for JavaScript it uses CoffeeScript and typescripts. It comes with many features such as auto-completion of code, auto-save, various font options.



Kodeweave is a collaborative platform with TogetherJS which is a simple and reliable tool that is equipped with its framework. It is a responsive app which integrates with the large number of libraries and framework. Kodeweave provides freedom with free to develop any number of apps or games.



There are many editors and platforms other than those mentioned above. All these editors came up with brilliant ideas to help and sharing of code to make technology vast and help other to gain knowledge. Most of the websites are web-based works in PC browsers. If your looking for mobile compatible editors than the Web maker app is for you. These were some of the alternatives to the website like the CodePen.

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