What is Dochub? How to use DocHub In 2020

DocHub can be defined as a PDF editor and a platform for altering, and signing up the documents online via the internet. DocHub enables the users to add text, signatures and allows you to create document templates.

You can easily integrate Google Drive, Gmail and Dropbox account to DocHub. DocHub has made it easy to sign and save any document and can even send documents to others to be signed. DocHub ensures that only you are able to access your account with the OAuth 2.0 authentication. With DocHub you can import or open documents from your computer, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive or any URL of a webpage.

The quality of documents is not at all affected by editing or signing. DocHub is available for free and is compatible to Windows version 7,8,10, XP, and vista.


How To Use DocHub

How to Edit PDF in DocHub?

DocHub works efficiently on both Mobile phones and desktop devices. The text on a pdf remains permanently and it can never be edited again until it’s converted to some editable format. In order to edit the PDF, choose any one of the toolbars below-

  • Add text
  • Comment
  • Draw
  • Insert image
  • Sign
  • Highlight or underline



A pointer being a default tool is a multi-purpose tool. The tool can be used to add a signature, fill a PDF form, or resize, edit, move delete, annotation windows added with other tools.



You can add text to a PDF with different font family, color sizes with the formatting options of bold, italics, and underlined with the alignment options. To break a line while writing on PDF,  press Enter from your keyboard.



You are given the access to select from the 6 different highlighters present using which you can either highlight a section of embedded text or can highlight the whole document. You can use the toggle button available at the right side of ToolBar which can be selected to swap among box or text highlights and to select the color of the highlighting marker.


If you want to draw shapes or lines on the PDF by freeform or by using sub-menu to draw any shape from it like the circle, rectangle, square, and others present already on it. You can also select the brush type and size from it.



To add your signatures on the PDF, drag or drop it from the sign menu, or by clicking it from the menu and then just click the section where you want to add it. After placing the sign on the document you can move it or resize it.

Now to create an e signature, from the top of the sign menu click on create a signature, and you will find 4 options for each style with an option to switch among the signatures.



You can add comments on the document anywhere in the form of yellow sticky notes which you can display as pop-ups that others can read easily. You can make the comments to convey important points that the readers must encounter and check out.


PDF forms

You can fill the PDF forms, and also sign in with your e-signature. For the forms that don’t have fields to fill, it can be edited with the text tool, stamp tool, etc. The PDF flattening feature requires an upgraded version of DocHub.


Inserting an Image

You can easily upload any image of formats like JPEG, Jpg, BMP, PNG, and GIF and insert it at any section of the pdf. The image can be moved anywhere at the pdf and can also be resized. During the resizing of images, the aspect ratios will not be affected.


How to upload PDF to DocHub?

Go to the Dashboard of DocHub and then either click on NEW at the top of the left or just go directly to the New Document and upload page and choose from one of the following-

  • Computer
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive or
  • One drive

Now drag or drop a file from your system to DocHub. There you find a drop-down menu with options for type, privacy, and owner that will be set by default to the document owned by your user.


DocHub Vs DocuSign

  • DocHub lets the user edit and sign up the pdf or documents and share them to others for signature whereas DocuSign is a great solution for enterprises to sign the documents.
  • DocuSign gives the feature of integrated security that DocHub cannot.
  • DocHub provides support through mail whereas DocuSign provides support to mail and phone.
  • DocHub doesn’t have multi-language support while DocuSign has.


Google Chrome Doc Hub

The extension of the Google Chrome browser, Doc Hub has all the features of DocHub integrated with it. One can open the received documents to Sign, and after signing up the documents they can send it back to the person who is the sender. A PDF can be imported directly to the DocHub of chrome from the web URL. It provides accessibility to share, edit and sign any PDF or document through the internet.


You can fill the PDF forms with the Google Chrome DocHub and the editing doesn’t make it lose anything. It allows the signing of the document and sharing of them too. And you can also save the documents. It lets you either create or import your e-sign from the mobile device. The documents can be exported either as PDF or doc format. In order to use the extension, you don’t need any kind of app to download.


DocHub is very economical, affordable, and reliable if you know how to use it inefficient manner. It can be used to edit, share, erase, or draw on the pdf or doc files. You can start using it for free but if you want additional and enhanced features, you can upgrade yourself with a premium account.

DocHub is an essential tool for all those businesses handling PDFs or anyone using it for their personal use. After finishing the editing, or signing of the PDF, you can either share, download, or export your pdf file.

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