What is Dochub?

DocHub is anther excellent Google Drive tool for filling, editing, and signing PDFs. Compared with similar tools out there in the Chrome web store, DocHub is way easier and simpler to handle. You can use it for a variety of purposes including signing PDFs, highlighting text, inserting images, commenting and adding pages to PDFs and many more.

DocHub‘s signing features are really cool. You can easily sign and save any document. You can even import the signature from the phone and send documents to others to sign. DocHub is compatible with all PDFs, Open Office and Microsoft Office Documents:  (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, DOCX, PPTX and many more…).

As for the sharing options, DocHub allows you to email your documents or share them via social networking websites. You can choose whether you want your docs to be public or private. It also supports collaboration and lets you collaborate with others on a doc.

October, 07th In 2014 by the Macroplant parent company in Boston, Massachusetts as the universal leader in software developers They also known for inventing iexplorer,iPhone transfer software, has established a direct platform for pdf correspondent named as dochub.

Before dochub

Before the only google performed the platform for open, download, view pdf but no ways to edit.If someone needs to fill up a pdf form we had to print out the paper and fill-up the form with a pen and send them in snail mail.the only way to edit pdf by converting them into doc files. It loses the original performance of files.

Invention team

The inventor of Dochub Chris Devor ratifies you to edit, sign, attach and share the pdf files immediately throughout this forum. Founder of macroplant application generating company Chris Devor with his team named as Bryan Pierce(software architect), Josh Bautista(customer relations) Joshua Wilkosz(developer) , Mike drone(software developer) makes people easy to work digitally.

Platform displays

desplay of the forum very easy to handle with any level of knowledge without any rough and complicated language . smooth streamline of the platform surface guides the user step by step to the equipment.you can use touchpad or keyboard to achieve the necessities.


most invaluable aspects that google works together with Dochub so that such security gives the platform more beneficial. To get the performance of Dochub you can simply signup through your email, facebook or twitter. after registration in the platform, you can promptly import any pdf file from the device, Dropbox, Google drive or directly from the Gmail. Even you will be able to import the pdf files simply viewed in URLs to edit.


filling up pdf forms are very much easier here. You can include images or boxes grides, lines for your documents. actually, you can create a signature here in image format or you can draw it there itself to use in digital sheets. also can keep it safely for further performance as well. In addition, multi signings perform here likewise. you can allow to any other party to edit or sign on your document if you supposed to. After your editions directly you can share them with your clients through the same platform without any hesitation.

Features of dochub

according to the Dochub followings are the editor tools operating in

Insert text

You can add or remove any of the original included text in the pdf.


Highlight the important paragraphs, lines and words on the text


You can directly comment in any pdf file online by the Dochub platform using this tool.


use customized stamps on digital papers


Can draw any boxes, lines grids on the text.


Do your corrections, additions and you can undo it again to the original version or you can redo it at once all the additions again into the text again.

Insert image

Can import images from your device or any other way into the text.


Can make a customized signature and add in any pdf document or can sign multiply on them or send for the signatures.


Can erase any small section.

As the pdf features, you can behold filling forms, displaying optimum and remaining the original quality of the file after the overall edition. In page management system there are so many features operating particularly in Dochub, merging the document,  appending, reordering, rotating and deleting pages or gather many pages together to make files but it shouldn’t be more than 100 pages or more than 30MB.

when you upload a template document once you can save and keep it in your account for future necessities. even you can send the document for multiple receivers to sign.

In addition to the above described, you can make the privacy of your documents in private or public and you also can share them on facebook, twitter or another way. keep it in your mind to download or save the edited document within 24hours in the forum to ensure the features which we enhanced in our account in Dochub.

Pricing of dochub

Dochub lends a 30 days free trial for the users with a limited number of documents up to 2000 and up to 5 signing capability no more than 3 shares per day. It is more than enough for some users to keep working in the free platform.

Some more features are only available in the premium package. Only for $4.99, the competitive price you can immigrate into the Dochub pro to consume unlimited capacities such as unlimited documenting, saving signatures, signatures and signature requests and up to sending and receiving of 35 faxes per month.

Supportive Languages and files

However, Dochub mainly performs in the English language you can work in several other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, Korean and other European languages excessively.

on the other side Dochub primarily established to make changes on pdf files but it can be used to do things on DOC, PTT, XLS, TXT, DOCX as well as PPTX.most of the users give positive reviews on Dochub, they say it is extraordinary with the competitors due to the editing tools perform in Dochub and it is very easy to work directly through Google Drive and Dropbox is another plus point.


Approximately from the launched year, there are 15.4 million of users signed up to dochub with 52.2 documents. Alexa rates the dochub 5,102 globally in November 2019.


feel free to try once and you will decide dochub is the only way to keep editing your pdfs and all other files without filling up your head with unwanted paperwork, realize any other substitute will not include all the facilities here. stimulate you, employees, clients, students or any followers to consume Dochub for pdf editing, signing sending and sharing handily. Digital paperwork automatically connected to deforestation as well. You know, with your help thousands of trees going to be protected. because there are millions of trees transformed into papers a year. reducing paperwork also makes you save you time as well as Money on useless paper,  ink, and postal fee.so it is so helpful and smart to work digitally.

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