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You will only make money from your site if your traffic converts. Otherwise, all the time and money you spend generating traffic is a waste. Converting doesn’t always have to mean a sale. It might mean subscribing to your email list or clicking on an advertisement. Everyone wants a high conversion rate. But here’s the shocker: If your website’s page speed is slow well then most of your visitors will hit the back button and never come back.

And if people don’t stay on your website, there’s no way they will ever convert. Simple as that. As you will learn in the later section, your WordPress site’s theme makes a huge impact on your site’s speed. Choose a slow WordPress theme and your website will be slow as a snail. So, if you want more people to stay on your website and convert (make a sale or subscribe), you will need a faster website



low size theme arke

  • Load Time: 0.957 s
  • Size: 20 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 6

Arke is a super minimalist theme, so it’s no surprise that it’s showing up on a list of the fastest free WordPress themes.

It’s pretty much just white space and text. No sidebars, no widgets, no settings.

However, if you’re a writer, that’s really all you need and Arke provides a great canvas for your content.



low size theme generatepress

  • Load Time: 1.967 s
  • Size: 32 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 10

GeneratePress is one of the fastest WordPress themes you’ll find. Period.

Tom Usborne, the developer, puts a ton of focus on clean, lightweight code. It’s under 30kb, has no dependencies (and yes, that includes jQuery), and is just generally built to perform really well.

Beyond good performance, it’s also super versatile. Using its many WordPress Customizer options, you can pretty much adapt GeneratePress to any niche. And if you’re willing to pay for the premium version, you’ll also get access to a lot of pre-built demo sites that you can easily import.

  • Load Time: 1.181 s
  • Size: 39 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 11

Zakra is a super lightweight option from ThemeGrill that comes with 12 different demos you can import. These demos cover different niches like construction, education, yoga, etc.

Beyond that, you get plenty of Customizer controls that let you switch up colors and layouts for your site.



low size theme astra


  • Load Time: 1.599 s
  • Size: 46 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9

Astra is another super popular option in the same vein as GeneratePress. That is, Astra also ditched jQuery, and it’s super lightweight at just 50 KB.

Furthermore, it’s super customizable. If you want, you can import one of the many free demo websites, built with either:

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor)
  • Brizy

Or, you can also tweak things yourself using tons of options in the real-time Customizer.



Twenty Nineteen

low size theme twentynineteen

  • Load Time: 1.376 s
  • Size: 69 KB
  • HTTP Requests: 9

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include the latest default WordPress theme on this list. Beyond actually looking pretty good in its own right, Twenty Nineteen also boasts some pretty stellar performance metrics.

As you’d expect given it was released alongside the block editor, Twenty Nineteen also offers full Gutenberg compatibility and all the blocks look great by default.


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